Monday, January 17, 2005

WooooW!!!! Am I back big time or What??????

The box is back with a new super dooper memory, its been doubled, boy is it fast! I can watch television whilst typing letters on it, play DVD`s CD`s and I can record them too. The TV ariel isnt fixed yet so its a bit hit and miss as to where it has to face to get the best picture, I`ll soon have that sorted. "Takes deep breath" !!!!!!!!!!!

My palm is interfaced OK and also the finepix camera, sooooo! I am all tooled up and ready to go. I feel like an admiral that has been transferred to the army. I know roughly what they do and how to get them to work but they are a bit alien at present and there will be casualties, not the least to my patience. I can`t use them to their best advantage yet, still I am listening to miss minogue at the moment so I will play with it all and hey presto! I am literate........Not! More likely!!!!! a blue screen crash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well we are at "I wouldnt change a thing" and already I can think of a dozen things that I can now do that I couldnt, but I cant work out how to do them, oh well! it will come.

I have had a great day today not the least brought about by a very successfull compbox repair a successfull bit of business this morning and a stress free day, well mostly if you dont count that I cant yet work the box properly, which will frustrate me by the end of today.

The days been a bit grubby here on Mud island, drizzle mostly and a little cold. Ah! I have just sorted out my laptop, I have had a registry fault for a while and now I can access Office correctly. "As one door closes another opens" eh? thats good, as I can now continue with my book on both PC and laptop which I couldnt do for a while.

Ellen Mac is loosing valuable time and is now 3 Days and 22 hours ( was 4days 22 hours) ahead of the previous record held by francis joyon and still has to go through the Doldrums (an area of becalmed weather ajacent to the equator) Go for it young lady. I know you read my Blogs even though you dont comment!!! we are all with you.

We are at "I still love you" now and I have been reading the journals of other yachts on their voyages and I am thinking again that I should change to a yacht at the end of this year, I really want to Gooooo!!!! bigtime! before its too late, "Old age isnt for the faint hearted" I`m getting itchy feet in the nicest possible way. I will wait until I have finished cruising this year and make the final descision. Maybe!!

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