Sunday, January 20, 2008

"Take nothing but memories" But

40 Years on and I haven`t aged very well! I guess that its as a result of the life I have led? Tee Hee :o((

my family were hungry :o(( (guess who 40 years ago, when the spiny lobster still inhabited the coast of the UK)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

My little angels wedding day!

No we hadn`t had a row although it looks like it :o)) the photo was taken by an unofficial photographer (professional) Tee Hee! seconds after the official one had taken theirs, and it was "B" cold.

My speech commenced with me slowly pulling a single barrelled shotgun out of a parcel explaing that it had been used at my wedding to prevent me changing my mind and that it had also been in evidence on their day in case, too. Initially the audience didnt realise what it was. I presented it to the groom explaing that the stock was a collapsing one. And then having explained that this facility would stand him in good stead during his marriage, as it had for me! I collapsed it revealing a colourful feather duster which I plucked from the breech and handed to the groom, much to the hilarity of the audience! the speech got better from then on. The other speeches were great and far better than mine :o((