Thursday, January 27, 2005

I enjoy Sushimi. but not too sure about this place! how would you answer the phone and announce blow fish on your menu! :o))) Posted by Hello


rob said...

"Answer" and One "Blow", Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!

RisingSlowly said...

Fugu desu!

rob said...

Hai! Gotya sole samma deshti! Sensie!!!!!!!! "laughs like a drain"...................:o))

Yvonna said...

Lovely pictures of you and your grandson!

Yes, thank you, my knees are ok now.I've just started a winter holiday and there's lot of freeeeeee time.Yea.
To not to be soo happy I got a poor mark from chemistry on the last lesson today :)But it doesn't matter now.
On winter holidays the rink is for free so I'll be there all the time, I guess.Hmmm also swimming pool is for i've got a problem .hehe.

Yes I've been on a memorial ceremony.I don't know what should I say.I'm just shocked.It's a terrible feeling standing there (expecialy at night)you can nearly see what was happening there during this 5 years....I just don't know what should I say.I think I'll just post some pic.One think I know I'll never be the same again...It's horrible...
Bye for now.