Wednesday, January 26, 2005

What are mates for!

Today, my mate Paddy (a computer wiz! ) came round today and helped me through the trauma of my first photo post and here it is. I am currently on information overload. I reckon, what with having to learn the new finepix software for the camera and the Hello stuff I have completed the equivalent of approximatly ten months of the IT course I have just resigned from. I am quite pleased with myself (I will be! if I can do it on my own, time will tell!) .

If the Elliot Christmas picture comes up I will have really cracked it and posted a picture on my own. Sorry blog to actually have let you know what I really look like,, Come back! come back! I am OK! really I am! I dont bite!!! ................ much.....................nex photo post will have to be my boat ! now where is it????

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