Friday, March 23, 2007

Posting in Brighton!

Well here I am sitting in the internet cafe in brighton prior to taking a boat across to france (Cherbourg,within the next few days, weather permitting)

I am still trying to locate a reasonably priced sheet metal worker that will cut me some 1/16 inch thick "316" stainless steel sheet into 8 inch by 2 inch pieces, (fifteen of them) They make up the fabric of the "cell" that I am trying to get operational. I can`t believe that it is do difficult to find somebody to carry out the work ? after all its only a sheet of 315 ss and a guillitine that are needed. Why should it take so long to get anybody to come back to me! I am hoping to get a reply soon (via Squiffy) re the electronics expert, to help me with the electronics and then all will be """""""""spiffing"""""" As has already been said wait for the banGG!

Brrr its cold here at the moment and the weather is ideal ( sea state calm) for the trip but the owner informs me now that they would like to go between the dates 12 to 20th of April! :o(( so I am now ,not , sitting here waiting to go! ho hum, some other day then) Mexico looks great this time of year, doesn`t it just.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Friends of mine are off!

They have got fed up with the UK and are off to the La belle, France in May, they have the same boat as mine and will pay exactly half what I pay in mooring which includes power and all fees! I am sick as a pig as I would also like to leave the UK but by sail, buuuuuuuuT Grandchildren and the like keep me here as well as a need for some health insurance!

Of late I have been involved with an electronic system which will help me to economise on fuel and so I have comissioned an electronics engineer to design and build a small simple circuit, but he seems to be afraid and qoutes such comment as "this is dangerous"-" you will kill yourself "-"I am a member of an institute and the ethics won`t allow me to do this!" So I have kicked him into touch not as a result of the previous comments but the final comment which was:- "if I do do this it will start at £500 and be £500 for every mod that I do"" ??????? Coughs outloud Phew!!!!!! so everyone does have their price!!

I will build the circuit myself if I can get my act togeather and glean the knowledge that I need to do so, from the relevant books etc. Butttttttt If you do know of an electronics (design) engineer or just anybody that would be interested in building a simple circuit ( I have the drawings) for me I would be pleased to hear! I`ll even share my thoughts of how I expect to be able to run a car on water with them! (truly).

No I`m not some mad professor type! but I do have an enquiring mind and a mentality to go with it and don`t take "impossible" as a word that fits into my vocabularily, and what I have in mind isn`t perpetual motion or even over unity, as some power is needed! Ho hum! back to my laboratory (garage) for more development ( polish the car) please bear in mind my possible need for an electronics engineer if you think of it! By the time you read this I will have the the production cell finished and the electronics will be needed urgently!!!!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Am I wrong?

I believe:-

That nothing is impossible if you firstly have the right attitude and then a modicum of the correct technology to achieve it!

That every time you fail you are getting closer to achieving your goal!!!!! ("the man that didn`t fail didn`t achieve anything", or "the man that didn`t make a mistake didn`t make anything").

That I would rather learn from anothers mistake than my own, but that I would learn a better lesson from making my own mistakes?

That, redundancy can be the enema of industry (ardie 1978)

That I`m just about to go off and make a few mistakes!!!!!! :o))