Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Cafe society

Well I was allowed into the cafe today! but Evanthia made me wait for my lunch for at least an hour, I guess it was her way of getting her own back on me. When firstI arrived Yanni popped his head around the corner from the kitchen making gestures that I was in trouble, so I suffered in silence.

My mate paddy arrived and we sat waiting for our dinners like two naughty school boys. As she delivered them, Evanthia turned to paddy and asked him who the man was that came on Saturday, and off we went again, I couldn`t believe that she really didn`t believe me now, what ever I said.

Paddy said that he was a famous actor and off we went again!!!!!! Whats his name? I can`t remember! etc, etc. She stormed off saying to her young daughter, who was enjoying her lunch (having had a days holiday off school) that she should never believe anything that men tell her.

Perhaps one good think has come of it anyway.

I have decided that I won`t continue on with the induction course at the IT college, I am too old to be f*c*ed about by idiot so called tutors and college systems. I rang them today and dictated my message to a mechanical voice. I hope they get it! too bad if they don`t they should be better organised, student number 127387 has terminated. GRrrr.......... I shall miss the executive student relations officer in the sprayed on suit though.


Jes said...

Rob, you don't need that class. I took a few of those in college from smart-aleck know-it-alls. I consider myself a know-it-all but (usually) without the huge attitude that many of the teachers I've encountered in those sorts of classes.

I'd say you'd be just as well to get a book or since books usually spend most of their time on shelves, just try out stuff until it works. Most people just muddle through when using computers. Everyone seems to have their own way of completing tasks, even in my family of fairly serious geeks. You can use programs help systems which have a slight chance of telling you some helpful information.

rob said...

Thanks for that Jes! I think you are right I dont play enough I am always on the net and I should be setting myself a task and sticking at it until I am proficient.

Must get to sorting out how to place photos on this site.