Friday, January 21, 2005

Good morning World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I................. am alive and kicking and up with the lark, as it were! yesterday I was a step nearer to cruising with my Baby (my boat) and went down to the Marina to check her out. She was lovely and of course glad to see me (she reads all my blogs ,you know! like annie Lennox and Ellen Mcarthy, not!) no I am not raving mad just happy to be alive. She looks exactly as she was when I left her last time, all mooring warps are in excellent condition, no chaffe, and no hull water penetration anywhere, the dehumidifying system is still pumping out gallons of condensation and she is totally dry inside. She is ready to go (well she would be if I could get the new engine to start. (battery problem!! that bank is five years old and needs replacing, and then off we can go!) so just one other small job to add to the pre season list, Ho hum!!

I am getting concerned about a couple of Bloggers that talk to me I haven`t heard anything from them in postings or comments. This is a new concept to me Worrying about people that you dont even know! But then again you worry about the innocent Iraqi citizens hurt in the war, the Tsunami victims, and I dont know any of them, so why not those who have very kindly given you their time? Gosh !! I have just had a thought, (thats a new experience for me) perhaps they dont want to talk to me any more??? OH! Noooooooo ! surely not? No that couldnt be, Could it? Of course not I am being silly!

I am using Skype now to , it really is very good except that I have had a couple of weid contacts which I immediately Zapped. If you dont have it ? download it from its totally free unless you want to talk to mobile or land line phones and then you buy a card (it is still very much cheaper than any other sort of phone communication) and of course from" compbox" to "compbox" its free across the world so I can talk to Australia for nothing and do! admiralrob ,

Well I digress, The weather at the Marina was closing in and the Cumulus was passing over and the wind starting to build so stormy weather ahead and rain. I stopped at my favourite cafe for lunch (dont you always) and had the most amazing Ham salad it has to be the best salad in the UK it is always the same and I have trouble stuffing it into my now 15 stone 9 pounds frame, (219 kilos) yes the diets working and I am feeling fitter and with more energy.

Some friends of mine who live on their respective boat in the same Marina have split up and I hve been "treading on egg shells" for more than a few months (being tactfully supportive, not to one more than the other) now it seems to have finished and I am still friends with both parties so I seem to have been successfull. A week ago one of the parties of either sets of friends got togeather and are now living on one of the boats, and the other one is being sold. So !! well! its been like "Peyton Place" for a while. The both seem ecstatically happy and are looking forward to a full and long life togeather. I wish them both the wery best for the future As for the other couple she was a grumpy old F*art (like me ! :o))) and he treated his ex partner like the lowest of life, so I am not really sorry!!!! and in fact I think it has worked out for the best.

We went out for a nice sort of "celebratory" meal last night and really enjoyed ourselves, (oh! I forgot to mention that my wifes back is very much better now after four visits to the chiropractor) So my diet went out of the window, I won`t weigh myself for a few days as I just know that I will be over sixteen stone again.

The roads were very clear on the way back and we made good time. I always remember something that I heard from Victor Spinetti who was a very close friend of Marlene Dietrich, he said that she had told him that when she looked out of her hotel windows or her apartment in Paris something that was really apparent to her was the lights of the vehicles in the dark. She was very infirm at the time and used to sit and look out of the window for ages and she said to him. "Rubies going up and Diamonds coming down" I remembered that as I drove down the motorway nearer home and there was more traffic, it became apparent to me too. Funny what one remembers isnt it? I wonder if she reads my Blog? X

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Jes said...

Glad to hear your wife's back is better.

I kind of like that "Rubies going up and Diamonds coming down" idea. That might've made the commute time that I used to have much better. I'm really loving my 10 minute commute to work here. It's the best.