Sunday, January 16, 2005

Sunday, Sunday!

Whilst fellow bloggers have their romantic liasons and others spend quality time with their family and friends I sit at the laptop Boored!

It really isn`t a good time for me to blog but it wont stop me rambling on. When I got home yesterday my grandson was waiting for me to arrive apparently he had been looking all around the house for me and was surprised to find that I couldn`t be found. When we met, the smile on his face and his actions were fantastic. What more could I want, or need, from life. We played and chatted for twenty minutes and he began to get tired and was taken home for his sleep, fantastic!!!!!!! it really made my day.

Last night I went to a Casino night at my boat club where they had gaming tables set out and you were expexted to purchased tickets and used it as money on the tables (a legal requirement at unlicensed premises in the UK). The first prize which was determined at the end of the evening by who had won the most ticket , was a bottle of champaigne and the second and third prizes were wine. The proceeds were to go to a local Charity. I stuck to the Roulette and quatered most of my bets ending up with about thirty times my origonal stake. I then placed eighteen chips on the evens and won. I moved them to the odds and won again. by now I was being paid out in tickets as there were not enough chips in use. It is a pity I cant win like this in real life. well it goes without saying I was up for a prize, but I was beaten by somebody to first place as she had collected all the other tickets off those who didnt stand a chance of winning, so I came second and graciously accepted the bottle of red wine returning it back to the Charity steward who will get to use it as a prize again (I am " tea total" and anyway its "winning wine" not drinking wine!!!!!! :O)))) ).

Today I have ascertained that we now have a lot more money to go to the Charity than we first expected and a great night was had by all. I have been over to the club today for lunch and roast lamb and all the trimmings was superbly prepared and eaten by the assembly, with crumble and custard to follow. I chatted to a collegue who has purchased a navigation package for use on his boat and agreed to visit him to help him on his journey of discovery ( Basically to show him how to use it) My Compbox comes back tomorrow so I will be a lot faster if not more prolific?????

My Daughter has just arrived and looks really great in her "track suit" (she has just been to the Gym) so I will close now and bore You all with more ramblings later. Oh! by the way!!!Helen Macarthy is almost off the Amazon estuary on her way back to the start line for her world beating record attempt. She is very tired and sounds as if a nights sleep would do her better than the record ! well good luck to you Helen and thankyou for reading my site with all you have to contend with at the moment Te He! Bye!!!!!!!!!.......


RisingSlowly said...

Do you think Ellen reads my blog, too?
Quaffed champagne last night. Best champers I've ever had!

rob said...

Oh yes! she reads everyones Blog,contact her on this site You can send her an email if you like,

Hows it going so far, have your feet touched the ground yet or are you still walking on air? I noticed an unkind comment on your site the other day? I guess that is as a result of a previous visit to Mud Island? Wooow!I didnt think people did that (apart for the odd comment that I am too old of course :o)))) its Good that you have come up for air :o)) Have a great week.

RisingSlowly said...

I have no idea who the miserable bugger is who keeps leaving notes of doom upon my blog. It has nothing to do with the UK. It's just some bored jerk who stumbled upon my page.
By the way, I doubt that I'll ever come up for air.

rob said...

Te He, love it! go for it!!!!! this isnt a rehersal!