Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Contention, contention! Lunch..........

"Redundancy is the enema of industry! never employ fat people or smokers" "Ardie 1979"

Today I had lunch with a colleague of mine from Work days. He, like so many people who have attained the heights of industrial promotion, was made redundant and has been trying to make a living in the "consultancy world", without success, for over a year now.

He is back on the market again but at fifty seven years old and with four perfectly spoken languages and an honours degree from Cambridge, he is finding it difficult to get past the first interview`s as he is often seen as over qualified. His CV is far too impressive for the average company to accept. I have suggested that he sets his sights a little lower and he explained that he had and thought that he may be applying for jobs that are too far below his capability, hence the over qualified comments.

Yes they want to interview him just to see who this guy is with the fantastic C.V. but they couldnt possibly employ him. What a state for the employment situation to come to in the UK, I really feel for him, he is a great person and really needs stimulation at this time of his life. He would be an absolute asset to any company with the Bal*s to employ him.

Well we met at 12 .30 exactly! both of us arriving dead on time (old habits die hard) and we reminisced for an ahour or so putting the world to rights and exchanging details of past and present contacts and work friends, from colleagues through to directors and up to board members. He reminded me of a meeting that we had when I was leaving the company ( early retirement) that we both worked for. Saying "I shall always remember your saying that what goes around comes around!" (which I had heard previously from an unknown source, brobably Ardie, and it seemed appropriate at the time) "and do you know! you were right". This has happened to "so and so" and "thingy" has been sacked etc, etc, you really had the mark of the situation at the time didnt you?

Well I was surprised that so many "miscreants" had suffered so much bad luck in the time between their ruining the company and today. It does go to show that "What goes around comes around" was pretty correct in this case. I will always do to others, only what I would have done to myself, treating everybody with respect, even fat people and smokers!!!

Wooow!!!!!!!!! is my Box great! It is flying!!!!!!!!!! I have now downloaded Skype again and have the call name of "admiralrob". No I dont have aspirations! I couldn`t have rob unless I had twenty five numbers after it ( as there were so many others already listed) . I await my first call from whoever has the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im still waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


RisingSlowly said...

I'm getting addicted to reading your blog!
On the subject of jobs, America's biggest export is employment.
In Japan, work is life. You are born. You work. Then you die. You really do die. So many people just snuff it after retiring. What a waste. A teacher who used to sit next to me was planning on retiring in 7 years or so time. This teacher didn't even have air conditioning in her home, even though the heat is stifling in the summer and she craved an air conditioner. She was always worried about spending money and had never been abroad - she was saving that for her retirement, to enjoy along with her husband. I used to say to her that she should live life now. Get that air conditioner now. Travel now. She often asked me, "Why do you travel so much?" Like, doh! Anyway, to cut a long story short, her husband suddenly got sick and then died. She quit her job to take care of him in his final months and well, the moral of this story is, live life like it was your last day on earth, regardless of your age.

rob said...

My father in law died at sixty, two days after retirement, he had his new car and caravan and was planning on travelling all over Europe for months on end. He had nothing wrong with him until a week before he died. Nobody can know exactly when they will die (unles suicide is a way).
As somebody once said life isnt a rehersal go for it!!!.

Personally I grasp it firmly with both hands and squeeze the living daylights out of it. you will hear me scream from where you are when I pass on at age 101:o))

Incedently with reference to your comment about Jobs, "Ardie" whom I am always quoting, maintains that Job is a word that was developed origonally by the ruling classes/royalty to keep them in power. He further maintains that its actual meaning is "Just over Broke" we start in this world with nothing but a mothers love (and god knows, only a mother could have loved me! )and we progress (unless we are exceptional or lucky) through life at a point just above broke! we pay taxes we respect the law and we die paying taxes. Cest la Vie! All we really need is a paradigm shift. Like the buddists monks, who having never left their monastry in Tibet, were being shown around the empire state building and its many floors and offices. The guide asked "any questions and the Abbot put his hand up and asked " how many sheep and goats can it hold"