Monday, January 31, 2005


A visit from the "Nasher"brought us up with a start, at approximately 0.900 the Nasher hit the beach the front door burst opened and he launched himself along the hallway carpet at frightening speed his jaws striking out in all directions. His Nana sidestepped his first bite and dissapeared into the kitchen whilst his rather slower moving Grumps (me) didnt see him coming (Yea Right!) He was upon me in a flash with teeth flailing trying to inflict the "Elliot Kiss". I rolled across the floor and grabbed him from behind throwing him onto the sofa and jumped upon him. I then quickly cuddled and tickled him into submission.

Yes Elliot 17 months old (my grandson has started to use his almost full set of teeth, regrettably on others) the nursery have put him into an older years group, so when he bites he gets a punch, seems fair? I toook him for a tour of the usual places like my office where he immediately and without my seeing (devious little Bstd) switched off my compbox costing me my latest four page blog, (no loss to others) we sung and danced to to "bling bling frog! yes thats the one the annoying one and played it over and over again to his demand of the the word ahh!

We got bored with that and off to the lounge it was where the wall pieces a17oo royal enfield flintlock and a smeiser tower lock were fired (without powder I might say ) time and time again to the same demanding Ahh! (I wish he would put some effort into walking and talking rather than biting! woops! there he goes again Ouch! "don`t do that" .

When I had a young Orangutang to visit for a while ( dont you always?) she took my hand one day and placed it in her mouth. I did the same to her (God knows where it had been! I did actually but didn`t think at the time eugh!!! I spit at the thought!!!) and she screamed the place down without me even biting her. when I do that to Elliot his mother does the screaming. perhaps I should bite her?? ;o)) not really!! I jest, OMG what Have I said.

Well the dust settled and my son and his mother felt it was now safe to come out of the kitchen as Elliot was perhaps now tired out (more like Grumps was) and so we waved good bye and off (I went to bed for a couple of hours. not really) they went to Tescos, shopping, Elliots mum was at work and heavily pregnant ( game girl!! on a Sunday too!! Work I mean not the pregnancy) so it was my sons turn to entertain him. I hope they never get a pet tiger in case that is brought around for me to tire out???.

The club was calling and off we (note I say we! ) went for lunch, the commodores wife was cooking it today so I persuaded my missus to come as well to add to the support. We had roast Lamb and all the trimmings. after the club closed at 14.00 we adjourned to the commodores boat another princess 41 like mine and spent an hour or too cruising pleasantly up and down the river thames at chertsey "chewing the fat"until we lost the light and went back to his mooring. we had a very pleasant day, all in all, what with Nashers visit, I still bear the scars!! a great meal and pleasant company during the boat trip. Soon it will be down to my boat and some antifouling to do!!!!!!!!!!Eugh!

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