Saturday, January 22, 2005

Evening comes so quickly

The day has raced by today, it is very cold (not as cold as middle europe) but cold enough for me to wear a coat. I had my usual rondevous at the cafe this morning and a late breakfast. I met two of my old work collegues and we had a great chat for about an hour, about (yes...... you guessed it!) old times, given that neither one of them is over 40 years of age and that I didnt instigate the nature of the chat, I dont feel too bad about looking back.

When I got home I found out that I had missed a visit from my grandson..........Drat and bother! Apparently he was really grotty today and unconsolable with teeth emergence problems (I have the opposite my problems are when I have to have them pulled out..) So today I have blogged a lot. I have also found a lot of friends who are using Skype too, so I have been chatting a little too. My daughter popped in too and shewed us her new boots. She drives a bright yellow golf convertable and passed me this morning in a narrow road ( I didnt see her, dont ask me how I failed to see a yellow golf coming the other way, perhaps she made a mistake and it wasnt me, I dont know!!!!!) telephoning me to tell me "Didnt you see me then?" I asked her to put it down to the fact that not only am I old, stupid and forgetful....... "I was also busy answering the bloody phone!!!" Next week I start my computer course, I am really looking forward to it. although its a very basic one I am hoping that it will give me the information I need to bind togeather all my learning over the ten years or so I have been using them. Some time next week I have to attend a medical for my D.T.I. Yachtmaster offshore commercial ticket as it is due for renewal soon. To confirm that I am fit for the purpose as it were. I dont forsee a problem, lets hope that the doctor doesnt either....Righ!!!!!!!!!! I must switch of my Shania Twain record and retire to the television front, EugHhhh!!!!!! Sweet dreams to you all (eventually) Oh Ellen Mac is suffering not only has she broke her boat and repaired it up the mast again (did this last time) she has hit a patch of "Nil wind weather" the record is slipping away from her and she is little more than one day ahead so I hope she is wistling like mad and gets a fast passage past Rio, Las canarias, ushant etc and all points north. Go for it Ellen !!!!


RisingSlowly said...

Rob, you are slacking a bit with this blogging! Are you 'at it' too?

rob said...

Oh that I was "memories in the distant past" I am afraid.

I went to the Clinic of Natural Health and arranged some colonic gymnastics in the form of a cofee enema. See I do listen to you,it cost me nearly thirty pounds, and they didnt seem to do it as you described.

The lady mixed the cofee up with hot water and then went to add some cold, so I said not to do that and hit me with the hot stuff. She said it will be too hot and she couldnt do that. So being a "roughie toughie" I insisted and shereluctantly started to pour it in the funnel thingy and down the tube into my rectum.

After about ten seconds I screamed out and she jumped up skaking like a leaf and turning pale, she said I told you it would be too hot!!!! I stopped screaming and explained that it wasn`t that it was too hot! it was because there was no sugar in it.:o))

RisingSlowly said...

He he! You are kidding, aren't you?

rob said...

No! What do you think????? ;O)) te he he he he he HE!