Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A thought for today

"You only ever regret, that which you never had the Balls to do anyway!" (ardie 78)

Boy! do I have some regrets :o))

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A broker visits

Well the boat will be on the market this weekend, maybe, possibly. No! it will be, I have made up my mind, I can`t get the boat I want until I have sold this one.

Now all I need to do is decide what I really want, given that my existing boat has been used as a weekend cottage for the last year or two and that both my other half and I have mutually benefitted from its accomodation and enjoyment over the last couple of full years. What I really want is 64 foot and in the states but possibly out of my attention span range, in that I would never finish it completely (given that I am still finishing, perhaps re-finishing! my home which I first built , or didn`t? depends on which way one looks at it, some thirty plus years ago ) so which way to go.

I really like the Idea of sail but the accomodation is crap unless one gets up to something like a Swan 65 and then the headroom (I`m , 6 foot one inch, ish) isn`t always very good either particularily if heeled over. My other problem is that I want to do some distance sailing before I`m too old :o)) but my other half doesn`t like sail boats or sailing so I guess that if I go that way, I won`t be spending much "leisure"time with her anymore (what are you talking about you are retired everyday is leisure time) . If I went for something with a wheelhouse and big windows and the diner and galley up there, I guess that would be more acceptable to her but, why jeopardise the safety element with large vulnerable windows and a we don`t go anywhere anymore anyway as I try to keep her happy sitting in "our cottage" (Ive had a few of those too and finally I got rid of them, the last one being a four in one 17th century thatched cottage in Lulworth, Shi* if you ever hate anyone? leave them a thached cottage in your will ! ) So you can see my quandry! a nice sail boat ( a large steel ketch, maybe plastic) and I forfill my wishes and a large power boat and I can go to sea periodically and sit in my berth, cottaging? ( whoa!! I think that has a Gay connotation?) So, In my cottage with occasional forays out to the continent. Am I being too ambitious having last sailed (thursday last week actually!) well, owned a sail boat some twelve years ago when I was much younger!!!!!!! hell !!!!!!!!!!I aint old now just 63YO

I really have a problem perhaps I should let the boat go and then sit back for a while and see what happens. the last time I did that I went to sail. I have also just paid for the mooring for the year, so thats out! What to do?

Friday, May 18, 2007


"Globulation!" has to be my word for the day? :o( such a descriptive word that intimates so much without having any true singular meaning! is it associated with fluid mechanics? perhaps a bodily function or is it even the act of conjoining nuclear particles? I dont know if its truly a word in the English dictionary at all? if it isnt why shouldnt it be? "id" is. I always have a smile when I use it in a basic gutteral north country accented chuckle. Often I will say "I am so happy I think I will globulate?" or "Look how the water globulates around the bulb keel", or "it looks as if its going to be a great day for a globulation" There has been much consternation with my past uses, as Marketing execs, senior directors and others ( you know the sorts) have struggled to recall this word to mind and thus understand what I was saying so as to argue upon it.

A recent excert from Bull Sh*tter of the year awards 1973

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A purbeck sunset

My visit to monkey world last year was, as usual, the highlight of the season, here I am chatting to Jeremy and his lovely daughter, whom I have had the pleasure of knowing for all of her lifetime and a lot of his! The sunset photograph above, reminds me that Jim Cronin, who`s original idea, Monkey world was, Is no longer with us, and that my next attendance at Monkey World will be for his memorial service! So sad, so very, very sad, such a gifted and talented man gone!
I first met Jim when, as young men, Jeremy and he came into my office to bounce a few very entheusiastic ideas off me, Monkey World was but a twinkle in their minds, Jeremy I already knew from our friendship, when he worked for a famous recording stars manager, who had his own private zoo in Weybrige , jeremy was the zoo manager, head keeper, animal behaviourist and keeper of over a hundred animals including Horace a beautiful siberian tiger , a selection of primates among which was "winny" (winstone) a one eyed gorilla male of three and of course a tiny Amy who (Amy was his orang-u-tan, who now grown up, resides permanently at monkey world as the matriarch of all she surveys) neglected by her mother, Jeremy had saved her life and taken her under his wing.
Jim explained his thoughts to both myself and the marketing manager Jo and we sat in stunned silence, at such an amazing idea and concept. Rescuing wild animals worldwide and bringing them to the UK to form their own self regulated family groups, which was also to include groups of adult male chimpanzees living successfully together, a world first! he really thought out of the box.

All this of course could not have been successful without the strong and quiet backup and particular expertese of Jeremy in the field of Ape management and behaviour. Jeremy to my mind, the greatest Ape manager in the world today, actually thinks like an Ape! in fact I first set eyes upon him while he was Brachiating close behind a male Orang, who having "nipped" him was trying to escape his wrath by screaming and swinging at speed around the cage with jeremy closing in hot persuit. Jeremy was indeed the Alpha mail of this particular group of animals. A real character, himself and indeed like myself and all the staff or Monkey World will miss Jim immensly. Not to mention Alison his lovely wife who intends to continue with Monkey world and achieve the longterm goals envisaged by Jim,
To Alison, may I wish my hearfelt condolences to you at this sad, sad time!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Cwaaaaaaaaaaaak Quaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak !!!!

Do I hear ? No its not Boston its actually London, taken on last years delivery down to the southcoast

Descisions descisions

I really want this boat! Or do I? it has a lot to finish on her( 50% interior and 30% other about 75% complete in all) ) but it is the right price and only in the US! on the east coast ( cut the warps and away ) with a few additions, Like Life raft tanks and a couple of GPS and I could sail her back to the UK! but then do I want to? wouldn`t it be better to sail her to Venezuela and finish the fit out there? Funny how we strive to bring such projects to our home land even if its three times as expensive! For me to moor this on the south coast of the UK it would cost me, this year £6,500. not a great deal ( do I hear) considering the space and comfort that she would eventually give but enough to cause me to think that I should first sell my current boat and by that time she will be "gone" :o(( what to do? I also have to consider that I am 63 y,o, and not exactly in my prime but capable none the less. Do I need a year out to finish this project? too bloody right I do! can I afford the time ? I like to think so! will I then do it? ??????????????? If only I had sold my boat already! but that doesn`t happen unless you put it on the market! I felt like this the last time this happened but still didn`t do anything :o(( (sill B*astard I should learn something from it this time) I really do want it even with only one suit of sails and no bow thruster, no tanks and the internal fit out incomplete !!!!!!!!!!!!! Awwwww what to do? :o(( Oh well! back to the workshop and continue to ready my project for the electronics attachment sometime next week, or the next or the next! :o)) I really do want this boat!!!! I really dooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I sound like a spoilt kid! But I relly do want it!!!!!!!