Thursday, January 20, 2005

Jes! why no profile!

Are you in prison? if so it doesnt matter! share yourselves with the world!!!!!!!


Jes said...

Hey Rob. Well prison might be warmer than my apartment in Japan...

I forgot all about that. I have a blog somewhere on this blogger thing but it wasn't fancy enough for me at the time. Of course now they have a lot of cooler things happening. Still being a wanna-be geek who likes to spend money on sometimes frivolous things I maintain my own server space and have my own blog here. Sometimes I think I have something decent on there.

I'll work on a profile one of these days. But they ask too many questions!

rob said...

Hi Jes! thanks for passing by, and your comments. I tried a comment on your site bur it wouldn`t go through. never mind Take care! Rob

RisingSlowly said...

Hey Rob,
Your post on Jes's blog will appear - you just have to wait for it to be 'authorised' by the man himself.
Met Jes last night down the local Squid And Ferret. He was drowning his sorrows at having failed the driving test.Bless him!

rob said...


Bad news! eh? What a shame. I guess that he will have another go in a couple of weeks.


Although I have no doubt that you will take it in your stride . What a pain? Sorry to hear it

Jes said...

Ahh it's alright. I don't feel so bad since only 5 people out of 35 passed that driving test.

Yeah, sorry if the comments don't work. I have an extremely complex comment spam system at the moment and sometimes it doesn't like certain IP addresses or some other sort of filter that sets it off. I need to work on that I suppose.