Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I`ve been Tagged

I've Been Tagged!
OK, here are the rules: Once tagged, link to the person who tagged you. Then post the rules before your list. List 8 random things about yourself. At the end of your post, tag and link to 8 other people, visit their sites, and leave a comment letting them know they've been tagged!I was tagged by fuff

(1) I was a ferral kid, who`s mother died at the age of seven, I spent most of my young life on the streets when not at school.
(2) I was tied into an apprenticeship when I was 16 and hated every minute of it, to the extent that on the day it finished, I changed jobs.
(3) I love the outdoors and had slept rough in much of the UK and some of the continent by the age of 20, spending considerable time alone.
(4) I loved 1 to 1 competitive sports and so boxing, wrestling, Judo, athletics,shooting and a few others were my favourite areas of enjoyment. I am never happier than when with my family or on my boat, I love the sea.
(5) I consider myself to be a typical "Mr nearly good enough" never truly forfilling my aims. I am always never quite good enough.
(6) I am an atheist, but believe that as everything has its own particular "frequency", which therefore includes humanity, and as It can`t be said that "the body is the person", or that "the brain is the mind", that when "the carbon bits" have gone ( the body has rotted away or been incinerated) the frequencies stay, somewhere? one thing is certain I will find out someday?
(7) I am a practical joker and am always being told that I enjoy "winding people up"
(8) I am now tea total, having spent 70% of my life "over imbibing" (as I thought that I became more witty and better looking after a few drinks) as always I was never quite good enough :o))

I choose
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Friday, September 21, 2007

Bilge inspection!

this week I have been on the boat for a so called training period with a "friend" mid week I got an engineer friend of mine to climb into the bilge and change some anodes (as Im too fat to do it) and fill the engines up with anti freeze ready for the winter! (as you do) I was filling up a water bottle with distilled water ( from on the deck) and carrying it to the engineer so he could top up the batteries "as he was down there" :o)) and I slipped on a small water covered ledge that I was using as a foothold and very suddenly and forcefully ended up in the bilge, in pain, commenting that "Im all right " " didnt hurt" to find that my friend and the engineer were very concerned that I may have damaged myself!

Well! I took the full force of my not too insignificant weight as I hit, the wheelhouse deck supporting beam, with my port kidney and floating rib! I couldnt breeth and was really quite pithed off! I managed to stant and found that my watch was busted and in the bilge on the diametrically opposite side of "the engine room" (well compartment) and my wallet and its contents had been thrown around the inner hull surface in the bilge water and grease!. Yes it hurt but being a big brave soilder! I didnt make a fuss and we carried on! I found out later that I was bleeding internally and did so for about 9 hours which I guessed was as a result of shifting one of 6 kidney stones that I have and must do something about soon :o)) I also couldnt breeth deeply and had extremely sharp paines whn I did! my floating rib had moved further in than on the otherside and clicked when I wiggled it prior to passing out (not really but the first time I tried to reposition it I thought I had been stabbed by a sword! Sooo I am nearly healed now but somewhat shaken as a result of not having anyone to cuddle me, as mummys little soilder was really quite frightened in spite of it all and I am certain that I had cracked a rib which has now stopped clicking and the floating rib seems to be back in position. Boy am I going to be a funny colour for a while!

On the last day (thursday) I had a phone call from my son to tell me "not to worry" but mum has had an accident and looks like she has gone five rounds with frank bruno! Apparently the puppy caught sight of a squirrel in the garden and ran at full tilt through the gap in the patio doors as she was letting her out, but before she could open them properly! Of course she had the lead securely wrapped around her hand "to keep the pup under controll" of course she fell onto one knee, of course her hands were elswhere and yes of course she headbutted the patio with her face!

My what a transformation (from a beautiful mature lady to a beaten up one ! I know what you are thinking!!!!! but I have a "pink chit" to say that I was on the boat at the time !! really I do! Oh yes I do! The blo*dy kids didn`t tell me until two days after it happened as they didn`t want to worry me (and at their mothers insistence too) but if they had? I would have gone home immediately ( if only for a few hours) :o)) and maybe not have not fallen into the bilge? (Don`t you think of anyone else than yourself :o)))? of course I do and I am at home now and looking after her! She knows nothing about my acrobatic exercise and I don`t intend to tell her for a while, at least not until she is OK and then we can both laugh about it! Christ I just sneezed then and boy was it painful! tee ouch! stu*id *od!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I came across this quote today!

I have often quoted the last part never knowing who`s quote it was!

"Houses, are but badly built boats so firmly aground that you cannot think of moving them. They are definitely inferior things, belonging to the vegetable not the animal world, rooted and stationary, incapable of gay transition. I admit, doubtfully, as exceptions, snail-shells and caravans. The desire to build a house is the tired wish of a man content thenceforward with a single anchorage. The desire to build a boat is the desire of youth, unwilling yet to accept the idea of a final resting-place."
– from Racundra's First Cruise by Arthur Ransome

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Brecon beacons in all their splendour!

What a great pub to stay at. The food and lodging was something else. I have never eaten such good wholesome food or slept so well.

What does one do for a weekend?

Well instead of the whole week on the boat I took myself off to the Brecon beacons in dear old wales, arriving on friday mid afternoon and returning late on Sunday! I had a really enjoyable time meeting a lot of new and interesting folks including the owners of the countyr pub/hotel situated at the base of a mountain (hill) in a splendid valley.

My purpose? Id like to be able say, was to walk, ride and or to climb but time/age precludes that I`m afraid) I actually attended a conference, in fact it was the first conference of its type in the UK in that the theme was "free or over unity energy. Boy did I enjoy myself! I have always enjoyed learning new skills or discussing old and forgotten ones along with similar interests and fields.

I gave a small presentation, with a question and answer session, reference my development and the cells that I have built and the successes so far, in the belief that if I share all the information I have obtained the likelyhood that people should have to die in the cause of protecting oil suppies will (may) lessen and no longer will our children have to die to protect the fortunes of the few.

The other presentations mainly regarding magnetic OU engines and general electronics were brilliant if a little (lot) over my comprehension but perhaps I`m not being fair to myself, I understood in part but tended to shy away a bit :o(( the conference in fact lasted a full, well filled, two days, with demonstrations of Stanleys Meyers work along with other demonstrations .

I now look forward to tidying and reorganising my workshop and getting back to some new ideas to increase production with the eventual inclusion of one of the cells, successfully, into my engine installation/s ?

I really feel that this year is the year that will see great forward movement in the realms of alternative , cheap or free fuel supplies.

I started home at around mid afternoon and laboured through the beautiful countryside only to find Blo*dy Fu*k$%£^ng "TIN TENTS" everywhere. damn RVs and caravan wobbling along at about 20 miles and hour around the tight and dangerous bends of the otherwise idillic countryside, at no time did they pull over (like the farmers do, when they feel that they have inconvenienced enough other road users) they just continued for mile upon "Sodden" blo*dy mile.

On one occasion the car in front of me started to flash his lights and toot his horn but still they wobbled all over the road and speed up when a slight possibility appeared for safely overtaking. Fu*%$£"*ng Tin Tents they ought to be made to travel after midnight and then only after the owner has passed a suitable course of instruction and a stringent test! "Bah Humbug" !!!!!!!Bloody Fuc*&%£$ng TIN TENTS they really Pi*sed me off and caused me to take at least another hour to get home :o((

Still I did so safetly and I guess thats all that matters to my family? I suppose !