Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Where did the B come from in Engblish?

Yes I`m bored! bored, bored,

Where do all you guys get your inspiration from? your magical blogs make mine fail into impotence or is it insignificance? when I compare my efforts ! ah me! tis a consumation devoutly to be wished, to die , to sleep, perchance to dream! Aye theirs the rubber! Rubber what I ask my self?

Bored! bored! bored! even my Kindergarten Shookspeere is incorrect AAAHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh what to do?

I`ve even got bloody word recognition now on my own bloody blog! who did that?????? come on own up, b+stards! I didn`t ask for that!!!! I always get it bloody wrong anyway and have to do the post again. Oh no!!!!! Maria won`t comment now mind you she doesn`t now anyway I think I must have upset her?:o))

Monday, February 27, 2006

The French are stealing our water and power

The French have taken over all our (English) utility companies. Daily, Norman disentangle is taking back to france our water in bottles. Oh yea! it looks as if the many thousands of his lorries secretly owned and operated by the french government! are empty but they are not, their suspensions are reinforced so as not to show that they are loaded sky high with bottles of water.

Whilst riding in the forests of Wales ( as you do) last year I spotted the reduced levels of the resevoirs and noticed that, where whole villages had been flooded in the construction of their dams, the roofs were now showing. we are at crisis point and the French must stop this! OK they need it to keep the medditerranean topped up but we need it to drink and water now tasting of roof tiles isnt any good. With regard to the power, now they own the generating companies, they use it to light up their poncy candelabra and the flashing animated signs of the Moulin rouge and other areas like Eurodisney, its currently being pumped through the eurotunnel and on to the whole of the european community as a gift from the french to ingratiate themselves into getting all the farming subsidies. Bstds!!!

What about cheese will that be next will they buy the English cheddar companies up next, or knotted hankerchief manufacturers, who knows? it really depresse me when I think of Degaul`s nose all encompassing it coverted the whole of the UK, whilst we fought! yes fought to free them from the cluches of the Arian sausage producer. Thats it!!!! Im going to invent an english salami!! lets see the bloody frogs try to buy my company and take over the world with an Enbglish sausage, Huh! Ill never watch Hallo hallo again its not funny anymore we are in turmoil! stop the frogs!!!

Pi*ssed off

Re June 27th 2005, post my friends still haven`t had any settlement on their claim and the Turd that hit them is still not accepting that the impact was his fault. the surveyors have spoken with all wittnesses and the insurance company have declined to pay out. So what to do! cost them ( the insurance company) time and money to the extent that it would be more economic for them to settle, I think not! try to reason further? they wouldn`t listen they are an insurance company. I have suggested that the small claims court is the way to go at least get all the evidence out into the open and make a valued judgement on the full picture. So my Mate is about to take out a, summons to appear, to the insurance company and is asking for further and better particulars to be furnished as a result of the pending appearance, (the insurance company to date refuse to say on what evidence they based their descision not to settle) . My friends really can`t afford to do this and the company knows it and is trading upon their demise. An alternative would be for he and I to do all the repairs and just accept it? but thats not very right either.

A Family encounter,I went to the

Supermarket yesterday and as soon as we entered the main entrance we were confrunted with two "tots" sitting in a trolley screaming the place down and out daughter-in-law looking stern faced at them. The eldest (two) had bitten the youngest (six months) and she had bitten him so all three of them were by now really P*ssed off! we were spotted and like the cavalry went to the rescue or so we thought. We were told that he was naughty and had to learn (of course) and that she would continue with the shopping and let him get on with it! "Littleun" who had by now spotted us and stopped crying was smiling. the oldest moved towards his mother in a " sorry cuddle mode"and the "littleun" screamed the place down again, everybody was looking, and so we spent a noisy couple of minutes talking, ending with their mother giving them "non swallowable" whistles to quiet them and they went on their way. As our shopping progressed I could hear, coming from the next Isle or two, the sound of the whistle, so I replied with two short blasts to be greeted with two short blasts in return then I could hear the sound of "Littleun" crying so I guess he had done something to upset her again and the sound of the whistle stopped. Withing two minutes I could again hear the whistle and so whith two blasts coming from both of us (the eldest and I) we continued our shopping. Needless to say my wife, half heartedly, told me to stop and "dont be so childish and I can`t take you anwhere" but I continued. the crying stopped and the sound of his whistle got weaker and faded all togeather as they left on their journey home! How much more infantile can a sixty two year old get?

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Three Generation of male family members as usual "I am left holding the baby" :o)) Posted by Picasa

Looking a bit chipped! but I`ve only used it in anger a few times,and now stick with a GPS or two.  Posted by Picasa

Saturday, February 25, 2006

My private little world when I`m not on the boat Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 24, 2006

Spring snow! or is that a contradiction of terms? Posted by Picasa

No I haven`t got a garden fixation!

I read Kates blog and thought that whilst I couldn`t compete with the snow picture, I would let you see the state of my Garden today. What a surprise, the snow came yesterday and stayed. you can just make out the Foxes run. Each time they enter the garden they take the same "safe" path. Oh! and Gerald the china, black and white Penguin on the low wall. When he was "let loose" the first passing fox "Broached" sideways (is there any other way) and vertically as they suddenly spotted him, but he stood firm totally unafraid, but now alas they just wee on him as they pass, theres a story for life there somewhere!

I like my Garden! in the bottom left hand corner we used to have a caravan, whilst we built the house some thirty years ago (Christ is it that long?) in the winter we (myself my wife and two small kids,) used to take it in turns to thaw the gas bottle by sitting cuddling it, so we could light the gas to warm up. once again a story for life there I think? ( Yea! get Propane instead of calor it dont freeze!) my poor kids for years they thought it was normal to cuddle the gas bottles and were amazed when they wern`t asked to do so on their first caravan holidaywith friends families.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Stood in the

Tonight I stood in the garden for a while (dont ask me why because I dont know, maybe its the solitude maybe its the calm?). The cold was initially refreshing as it slowly crept through my body and could become deadly if I stayed too long I looked at the night sky and everything was very still. Small sounds were breaking in from the distance, as I hoped to see a shooting star, but didnt, I wanted to hear a fox or at least feel them near, but didn`t.

I was quite dissapointed as I turned to walk back in. As I looked towards the garage door the light caught two brown shapes sitting either side of the door like temple dogs eyes wide waiting for food. I hadn`t heard them arrive or perhaps they were there all the time? these were the new couple on the block. the larger Dog was new to the neighbourhood but the female was one of last years litter. He was a little reticent to stay where he was as I walked back in to get some food, but she stood quite calmly as I walked past. On my return they were still there and she took the food directly out of my hand but he needed to be persuade, within two minutes they were both munching happily and having had their fill wandered togeather off into the darkness. I dont envy them it was really cold out there. I really do enjoy any brush with wildlife. I give thanks that I don`t live in Africa!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Another day in the "Oh so positive" world of Rob

Well I sit here before you today to bring to you the Parable of "He who is lucky" After a really terrible time waiting for the doom and gloom to be "expounded":o)) by my consultant, David, who over the last twenty years has become more like a friend to me than cardioligist.

I arrived, trembling, at his practice at about 09.15 and was about to sit and read the daily paper until I was summoned (there were six other people waiting too) as I opened page four (as you do ;o)) to the really intellectual bits, I heard his deep rumbling voice coming from around the corner leading to his consultation suite. "Captain" "Captain" are you here yet?? yes of course I knew he called me this but I really didn`t want to be too sure as I wasn`t happy as to what the results would be and so I pretended that I didn`t really understand that he wanted me, anyway it was at least twenty minutes too early.

I looked around at the others, to feint that I didn`t really know what he was talking about and all of a sudden his gargantuan mass appeared before! me "what are you deaf? I won`t certify you if you don`t hurry up". ....Come on come on"....I shot bolt upright and again looked around me at the others who were suddenly, white faced and now had their mouths open.

Standing at attention I found myself walking like Bazil Faulty with my right hand stuck out in front of me, so as to greet him.

I shakily asked him how he was and nervously said that it was nice to see him again and how was he? "You only saw me last week and you know how I am!" he boomed! "anyway its not nice to see me is it? ...I don`t know many thing but I do know that?" He smiled and my legs started to work properly on the short walk to his desk. After some pleasantries during which we berated each other about his ability as a doctor and surgeon and his bedside manner and he, me, about my abilities as a Skipper, Father and Grandfather and we got down to business! "well hows the old car is it still going OK!.... he said..... "did you re-build your Starboard engine, on the boat"? I explained that I had and now there was another one to do and how my concern for that task had pushed my blood pressure up at the exact time that I had the tests done!.... " no it didn`t" he replied " .."Oh yes I think it did! " I wispered meakly!......"nothing wrong with your tests!" .he replied smiling! ......... I mentally collapsed! my heart started to beat again and once again I berated him, for not saying anything to his appointment clerk who when ringing me, I stated, should have said something like this. ...........Is that my Smith? to which I would have replied that no it wasn`t and may I help? and then she would have explained in as nicer voice as possible "Oh! well if it was I was going to ask him to have an ickle bikkle word with "Mr doctor" about his test results, but as there is nothing wrong with them could I possible ask you to come and see him to recieve them........... It would have been so much nicer and less stressfull if he had briiefed her before she rang stating that "Mr doctor wants too see you next week at 0915 OK!!" to which I am always expected to say "Oh yes of course it is!"

I have been visiting him every year since a genetic heart malformation was discovered in my Aortic valve, some twenty years ago. and he has guided me through and advised me as to the best way to deal with it, right up until six years ago when I had a plumbing job done by him and his team, replacing it with a titanium one and now I am as good as new!!! cough! cough! and the proud owner of at least one bit of me that will last a thousand years. The rest may fail, but the valve , never........... Mental note to keep out of scrapyards with magnetic hoists!

So here I sit sounding more like timebomb than a human being te he! The Ten Quid man in all his glory. Another mental note to get a costume made to prevent burning upon "re-entry" like superman.

When I finally arrived at the Cafe for lunch, I had been right and was indeed interrogated by Evadne as to where I had been? and told that "didn`t you know that we would worry if I didnt show up?" she still charged me for my lunch (of course!)!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Thats me!

" At night I die, each morning I am born again" ( not sure who quoted that)

I would like to say that it is actually the sleep of the innocent, but in my case it couldn`t possibly be so. Its great to wake up to a new world and all its discoveries! Each day, for me, brings it challenges, for example today I have to service and rebuild my newly aquired engine bits, an intercooler housing and matrix and an oil cooler, ready for installation on my 250 HP marine engine, Yawn!

Tomorrow I have to meet with my consultant to hear what the outcome of my heart rate monitor experience was. Although I am not expecting much more that a change in the value of "statins" and thats it for the year until I appear before him again!

I will miss the cafe today for lunch and have to endure all those concerned faces tomorrow, who avidly aske me "where were you yesterday, we missed you!" Yea right!

My wife is making a Cassorelet (spelling) today, for a francophile girlfriend of ours who is "over" for lunch" we have been good friends since, we were sailing in Turkey when we met her on her yacht with her then Partner. This was some twenty plus years ago and she has had two partners since we first met, the last one (whom she actually married) really gave her a bad time, until she walked out, bless her she really doesn`t deserve to be treated so badly by life.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Today I got roped into ..........

The daughter of the A1`s owners, Gemma, was having trouble with her maths homework and so (you guessed it) I got roped in. I wasn`t sure whether or not I could help as its 45 years since I did much of that, and its a long time but it turned out that it was "Trig" that she was having problems with and hey ho! as a long term user of the sextant I managed to find my way around what they were trying to get her to do. I also discovered the Scientific calculator which ,Wow!!!! what an instrument? certainly made things easy, I must get me one of those too.

I`ve just purchased a digital tv kit for my laptop and it works really well but does need a decent ariel to function properly. The small ariel given to you with the kit is crap and just doesn`t work. I anticipate being able to use it on the boat in between spells of navigating and route planning.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

My Grumpy old mans view on Life and religion

I will probably make a few enemies from expressing my opinion, but I will anyway.

Brought up a "Church of England, Christian" my beliefs about life as we understand it to be, are that we are a product of some sort of fusion that changed how the universe operated in a major way. The earth was formed and the matter upon it evolvod into what we are today and (now developed into) will be in the future with help from us.

All religions are Man made and perpetuated by man, most having some form of divine being that must be shewn respect by its followers, Allah, Buddha, Christ, even a God himself.

Why is it that a divine being with folk law attracted to them is required? So that mere mortals can be in fear of them, in awe of them and ultimately respect what they stand for and be controlled by those close to the religion. Priests, Vicars, Mullahs,Bretheren etc.

In the early to middle ages when these religions started to emerge, the peoples of the world were quite uncivilised and gullible and readily followed a leader and the religions with semibelievable stories attached were needed to control the populace.

What we are seeing now are very wealthy (if not in funds, loyalty from their followers) religions that still control large numbers of people throughout the world and large tracts of the continents of this world. These religions are primarily about the same thing but have drifted apart over the years and after some squabbling are really still only a small amount apart in their overall thinking.

It is therefore in my opinion that if all religions came togeather and sorted out the best bits of their religion for the others to accept into their respective religions, gradually combining into one religion, Those in the fat cat jobs, would not be needed or at least there would be too many of them so some redundancy would have to be undertaken. The non believers like me would at least equal the believers and the religious businesses unveiled for what many of them are, a man made controlling tool, making money for its "owners" going about its business controlling the worlds populace, in the name of some now multi faceted "god" Now how believable would that be? it wouldn`t , so it will never happen, life will go on until some dangerous being in the name of his religion will end it all and Yet another excuse, perpetuated by the religious extremists will surface.

I also believe that all religious peoples are good people , but many are being mislead by their respective religion, however if it works for you and you need it, it works for me, if it doesn`t? state what you believe and get on with life!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The proper way to eat Baked beans!!!

Another way to almost eat Baked beans!! a photo of my grand son at our 40th wedding adversity. He would be mortified to know that I had placed his photo on my blog as he wasn`t two then!........................................................................... He is now :o))

The only way to eat beans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dont you just love it when a plan comes togeather! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Baked beans as promised!!! note how clean everything is! Great little Cafe Posted by Picasa

Baked beans for Kate

Well I said that I would get some bean photos, but I am writing this from the solitude of my home office having been banned from the Cafe, For twenty one years I have bean welcomed but today I was caught taking the above photograph, and banned well until tomorrow when I will visit again. They (John and Evadne) couldn`t believe what I wanted the photo for and someone made the comment that I was probably a Health and hygene inspector in disguised as a doddery old gentleman. (well that didnt hold water for a start!!!!) John lifted the lid and T took the photo. they are Heinz in large catering tins, boiled to death as I said previously, Yummy!! My old "larder chef" (Bill) used to add a spoonfull of sugar to the equivalent of a domestic tin and that made a huge difference, tastewise, to the beans but very fattening.

Claire!! I have asked them about Greek Filo pastry and Evadne says that for her parties at home etc she uses Justroll and its as good as any made in Greece, (Maybe) from all the usual outlets, Tescos, Sainsbury`s, etc, etc, But John, (her husband) who used to be head chef in a well known local Greek restaurant, reccomended the fresh approach and is coming back to me with the address of a company in north London, who manufacture the stuff fresh each day in commercial proportions, so as soon as I have the details I will let you have them!

Today I take the bean photos and get info re Greek filo pastry

Yesterday I had my annual medicheck and all was well until my consultant checked my BP and found it to be high (I have "white coat" syndrome) so I was duly wired to a bit of kit that I had to wear for 24 hours to check out the whole story (no big deal) I went to the Cafe and hadn`t said anything about my days encounter, and whilst sitting quietly this thing started to randomly pump up ( as it does) the arm strap with a sort of quiet pharting noise!!! everybody turned and looked at me in discust, so ignoring their looks, I slowly started to raise my stiff arm until it was in a nazi type salute position and the thing had stopped, the look on their faces was worth seeing! they didnt know whether to laugh or what to do. When I explained what I was wired to they fell about and some were concerned in case I blew up? Today I shall tell them that I wasnt wearing any prosthetic and it was the beans so hence the photos Im taking.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

More photos! hows that? the A1 Cafe

Well I have fulfilled my suggestions below, as to how I can increase the readership of this blog and make it more interesting with the inclusion of MORE Photographs!! I think I could have chosen a better subject though? Ho, hum! Budding Sir David Bailey you have just failed!!!

"Actions fail, people don`t" (Ardie 1978)

A regular!!! not me I might add. The place is not very selubrious but the foods good and the owner and his wife are fantastic and very nice people. I would recommend it to anybody. Oh! by the way, its no where near the A1 (road that is). Posted by Picasa

My Lunchtime haunt Posted by Picasa

Evadne the owners wife, Saying Yassou Watta do you wanta! Posted by Picasa

What make a good blog

Being a monotone, uninteresting person of few words I find it dificult to write with abandon, in the manner of some, who with little or nothing can fill a whole page with interesting blog material. Where am I going wrong.

I tend to Blog for myself and thus what I find interesting others may not. Should I change and start again with the new Rob who takes a minor event and creates this wonderful picture with the most descriptive of prose, who places his dreams, clearly defined, on the pages for others to revel in? I`m not sure I have the capability for that? perhaps I should add more photographs, after all they say a picture is worth a thousand words. I wonder what (Ardie 1978 )would say at this time?

When I look around me at other blogs I am amazed at what people do. I see several people who are soon give up everything, casting off their security shroud (for that is what it really is) and travelling the world. Another who has had tragedy in her life and by her absence from blogging causes me to wonder if she is in Correction again, finishing off her paroled sentence and I feel sad that a great Mum and person has to undergo such trauma in her life. I read about how cold it is in the most beautiful city in the eastern block and the traumas of growing up and studying at school and give thanks that I don`t have to go to school again (perhaps I should and learn to write more creatively).

I think Ill just post photos (prefferably not of me making an ass of myself) in future.
Yep you got it in one, I`m bored, Bored, BORED!!!!!!!!!! how can someone who has every thing he could ever want from life get bored? Perhaps I`m not aiming high enough? perhaps I am easily satisfied? Nah!!! Im just me!!! Happy to be alive and thankfull for all I have!! But still BOREDDDDDDDDDDD. sod it!! Ill go tho the cafe and wind them up for an hour!