Friday, January 28, 2005

Hello "Picasso"

or not so hello! I have just made the " testes up" of the year. God only know what picture I have finally got on to my Blogsite? I copied a photo and then when it didn`t work, I created a file and so on and now having entered the file into the blog it isnt anthing that I have seen before am I on someone elses Blog? Woe is me !!!!!" just when I thought it was safe to go into the electronic water. Ridicule? ah!!!! heres a button which says "remove" now if I push that will I dissapear or just the blog (holds nose and goes for it) and again!!! nothing..... still nothing Oh dear, I have just made the Testes of the year. was that a "Modus"????? have I finally gone round in a circle to eventually dissapear, like a modus, into my own wrecked em!!! Woe is me!.......................te he!!! Daft or what????

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