Friday, January 07, 2005

Waiting for the box

In am now waiting for the return of my "compbox" from the computer hospital. its due tonight so I will blog for a while. Its ok using a laptop but I do miss the speed of the P.C, I do have a palm but only use that when on journeys and that is slow too compared with the P.C. Please dont ask me what the speed of my P.C. is as I havent got a clue. "I use a computer like I use a hammer. I know what it does but I have absolutely no idea how it does it" That accounts for the fact that I can`t post photographs yet on the Blogsite. I will get there but its difficult with a hammer:o))

Hopefully when I get the main box back, and working properly, I will be able to use it for online telephone calls which I can`t seem to be able to do at the moment with the laptop, I incurred an error statement from the very start of trying to download the program. but it loaded up (nearly) and I now have a "shortcut" installed so maybe I will try to finish the download before finally diconnecting the Laptop.

I had a Shania twain disc for christmas and have just finished loading it in. I think I like it?, most of the tracks anyway.

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Yvonna said...

Uff my chemistry test was terrible.I was studing whole 2 days and nothing.The test was about atomic, covalent,ionic etc. bond.Sooooo stupid.Everyone was cribbing during test.Even more stupid, right?
Hmmm my mic is broken and I'm not able to talk wiv people.OH I'm sorry it sometimes work.I don't know why only sometimes.