Monday, January 10, 2005

Phones been down again

Now I am convinced that we really are a third world country. My phone has gone down again, and the nice man from Asia tells me that the earliest that it can be checked out is Friday. I do get the oportunity for morning or afternoon though.

What is the country coming to when someone in a country two thousand miles away, controlls when an engineer will call at my house to repair my telephone installation. My system has been in existance for over thirty years so far without my ever calling out an engineer and when I need one it would seem that I have been put to the back of the queue. All calls to me have been diverted free of charge to my mobile, but I was told that I cant use my out going service, however here I am on the net, though the phone, so whilst back on it is " intermittant" I could get cut off soon, who knows! Today at mid day my wife came back from shopping and her back suddenly " went into spasm" and so a trip to the Chiropractor was in order, she has been getting little indications that her back would "go" but I guess, as we all do, had hoped that she was over reacting but bang! one small bag of shopping a small twist and bingo PPPPAAAAIIIIINNNNN!!!!!! So dinner was my job tonight and for the next few days maybe weeks who nows.

I have fifty percent completed my tiling and it is starting to look OK tomorrow I will remove the cooker/hob, hood and tile behind it and then one small mitred piece of stainless trim and its finished . Oh! mustnt forget the mirror too. Pity I cant post photographs I think I would like to have put up one of my efforts for critisim or maybe even perhaps some compliments??? one day maybe just one day!!!!!!!

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Jes said...

Is your phone back now? I just found your blog via Maria's.

Sounds kind of like Japan! This is the most advanced country that is unadvanced in the world.

I did some PC support before in Seattle and I was always talking to guys in India or...Atlanta.