Wednesday, November 30, 2005

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Todays comment!

"I want to be needed, and need to be wanted" ardie 1976

Dont we all ?

Sunday, November 27, 2005

same seating area, other end

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The seating area in my wheelhouse; I just wanted to remember what it looks like! roll on the boating season. Posted by Picasa

I wonder!

There is an old saying that goes something like. "Life punishes us by actually giving us what we want" If this is true, I have been punished all my life. I sit here not wanting for anything, or do I ?

Of course I would like a bigger boat but it doesn`t really matter if I don`t get it. Sure I would like great health but then that, I can pretty well, control? and if I can`t for any reason its beyond my wishes anyway!

Am I strange? or just normal! Am I a realist that accepts life and what it brings without question, do I lack drive and or enthusiasm. I think not I go about my life with gusto I am always looking forward to something even if its only the completion of my chores or another post in a friends blog, my grandchildren and children visiting, even just sharing somebodys comment in my own blog makes me happy. If this is purgatory or the punishment of life there is something strange.

I see others with great sadness and mental pain, anguish and helpless sorrow, Why should I be allowed to be happy, why should I be allowed to accept others into my life? I do, of course, understand that one day it will all suddenly end and I will awaken into a sort of Dantes inferno. But then I guess that the other addage that "life doesnt let you be happy for too long" may hold true as well?

What can I do to help others who are unhappy? should I actually try to help? it would make me even more happy, if I was able to assist in some way! perhaps I am being selfish? could I just say to the alone and unhappy "allow others to come into your life enjoy their presence don`t try to bind them, dont try to reason with or blame yourself as to why they leave, just accept that it happens and move on! make your life interesting (unlike mine) so that others will want to step through its door, actively seeking out an entrance into your life, don`t push them away with demonstrations of sorrow and self pity".

I ask, am I responsible for similar actions in that I believe that I am happy and therefore don`t attempt to assist others into my life, should I, indeed, beleive that I need to do so?

Soooooooooooo! I am going out today to bring others into my life, where do I start? is it with a positive attitude or a caring smile? a gift or funny introduction or is it by just being me. It certainly seems to me that being who you are, gives people an instant acces into your life and tells them if they actually want to "visit" you. so I musn`t be miserable I musn`t bore, I musnt write drivel ??? (what am I doing now?) I shouldn`t lay my feelings out in the cold for others to pick at like Crows after they have read about them and been allowed to think just how lucky they are, Making the descision not to be of any further interest.

Do I look at life and being me, say to myself I am lucky! I love life! I love people! I love what I do and do what I love, I want you in my life I have so much to offer, I may enjoy you being there, will perhaps someone, anyone, hear my quiet pleading, my plaintif mantra? will they be led to my life?

Now I have a real problem Do I want them there? at least its my descision now

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Animal stories (I have known)

When I first joined my last employers, major zoological exhibition, I had been working there for at least a day when a wild(ish) boar escaped (you know the type with long curly tusks) I arrived at the scene to find that the Boar was running around in a public area and so (being fully inexperienced in the ways of animals) tackled it to the ground, hiked its legs from under it, (as you do) and held it, with difficulty, on the ground. The Keepers who had a ropewith a slip knot in it, slipped it over its snout and told me to let it go, whereupon it tried to get up and shaking its head got out of the noose, I told the Keepers to get a sack and put it over its head which they did and struggled for a little longer. the head keeper wacked a sedative into it and it all calmed down. I got up and the animal was unceremoniously carried back to its cage. As I walked back to my office in disaray and nursing a broken Diving watch glass (dont you always) people started to pat me on the back as I passed saying greaet job and bloody fool and such like. It wasn`t until the Zoo manager visited my office to thank me for my assistance that I found out just how dangerous a wild boar can be!! never again!!! Yea right.

I was "safety gun", whilst tranquillising a polar bear, I had fired the dart into its rump and he was going down slowly, as he should. The pool had been duly emptied of water (because they always fall into the water when "tranked" so for safety its emptied) in the pool which is some 15 foot deep are some steps cast at one end. The bear slipped into the steps end of the pool and promptly fell asleep? I, armed with the usual 4.55 handgun and the vet, climbed down a rope into the now dry pool, the vet armed with a short scaffold pole tapped the polar bear gently on the nose whereupon it Immediately sat up looked straight at me, waved its huge front legs and turkey plate sized paws. The Vet, who was obviously much more experienced than me in matters of sharp exit from animal enclosures, climbed over me and using me as a ladder scaled the sloping pond walls, I was still standing there with the gun, shakily, pointing between the bears eyes when I realised that I was laying against the pond side and that the bear was starting to quieten down and finally "go under" the vet calling from the now securely shut bear house called out, "are you OK! Rob" I answered rather nervously, but I don`t think he actually heard me, after what seemed like an eternity he reappeared over the edge of the pool (I had no way of getting out as the walls were shere and the bear was sitting on the steps) andhe climbed back down into the pool, using a keeper held rope and did what he was originally going to do. Talk about an experience, given that the bear, whilst young, was fully grown and real mean.

It was Christmas and we needed some publicity so I dressed as Santa and with a carrot in my mouth a national press photographer, situated outside the enclosure, was taking copious photos of me stood in front of a fully grown Giraffe with a carrot in my mouth. Its great head lowered down until level with my head and gently took the carrot out of my false bearded mouth.
Snap, reload, snap went the camera and a "hold it! hold it!" from the photographer (how the bloody hell I was supposed to hold it Ill never know!) all of a sudden the beard (which obviously being designed more for use with kids than Giraffes and had massive elastic attached to it so as not to be easily detached from its wearer) started to lift away from my face as the giraffe straightened up to a point about three feet away when the elastic finally snapped.

The resultant slap on the face jarred my teeth loose. The Photographer uttered "Brilliant Got that" and sitting on my Arse in the middle of the enclosure, I nearly passed out with the pain. The Giraffe lowered it great head once again chewing heavily on the carrot and was now poised over me peering deeply into my eyes in wonderment at what she had done to this wierd human. The picture was never published, as it was thought that kids might be affected by it, what with father Christmas wearing a false beard etc, but the one of me as father christmas mouth feeding the giraffe with the carrot was! Dont have Christmasses like that anymore.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Booring blogs ( seemingly a speciality of mine :o(()

Yesterday (Sunday) we went out to a friend’s house for lunch and indeed “had a roast”. Those attending ( six of us) were long term friends whom we first met some forty years ago, when as members of a “Diving” club and impoverished newlyweds, we used to travel all over the south coast or the UK “wreck diving” and depleting the fish and crustacean stock :o)) Yummy!!.

We hadn’t seen one set of friends for some five years and it was truly a surprise to find that they haven’t change a bit. They have just sold their houses in the UK and are moving to southern Spain to live. They have also sold their Bentley because they would have to pay some form of tax if they kept it out there so they will buy a new one and have it first registered out there(how the other half live eh!?).

It’s amazing that even though we haven’t met for some years we immediately fell back into chatting and berating each other as though we had met last only yesterday, it is however sad to find out that a lot of joint “friends/associates2 (whom they kept in touch with when we didn’t) have departed this world, it brings one up with a jolt to learn that some of those joint friends whom were thought to be invincible and expected to live forever are no longer around. Ho hum! That’s life.

We arrived at 14-00 and didn’t leave until 20-00ish and the time went so quickly I don’t think that any of us “drew wind” and talked and talked like “old fish wives” (who cares we all really enjoyed ourselves)

On Sunday morning I attended my boat club annual general meeting which went OK with the exception that the new Commodore is, I believe, inadequate for the job, but the only one to put his name forward for the post, suffice to say that he was voted in successfully. As with many clubs not many members want to get really involved. Ok they will turn up for the AGM but not for the working week ends, at the last one about twenty regular members turned up out of about one hundred and twenty.

We have just negotiated a new thirty year lease on the premises and so the subscriptions will have to rise a small amount to accommodate the increase in outgoings. Most members feel that this is OK but a few will leave as a result, I fear!

Over the past few years a few of the older members have developed and fiercely defended a policy that it is wrong for the club to generate any revenue other than subscriptions and so functions etc have never really been allowed to have a surplus that could assist with the financial running of the club, and so we have depleted funds “at the bank” to such an extent that membership prices must rise. We really have to generate some enthusiasm from members! I do not feel that the new Commodore won’t be able do this, It is immediately apparent, from the shortage of committee members that he may be struggling in his task I hope I am wrong and wish him the very best!

Today I continue with my refurbishment of the ground floor cloakroom/WC with the laying of another wood floor, having “boxed” in all the exposed pipe work and plumbing, I am hoping that the new floor will give the impression of it being larger than it already is (an illusion). What a bloody boring blog it is (always is?).

Its early morning 05-00 and I am typing away about “not much” dreaming about sailing away to distant lands. I have finally convinced myself that I will sell my current Motor cruiser and buy a sail boat. I have further decided that I like the look of a few of the American (far eastern, heavy built) boats. I do favour steel but tend to think that it does effect the aesthetic design a little, compared with a heavy moulded GRP one (although if I have one built in steel I would be able to overcome any problems in that field) Whilst I love my Motor cruiser my time restrictions and need to “get back home on time has now gone, when I retired, and so a gentle, exploring and economic journey is more of the essence in today’s climate. I fear that my wife would not accompany me as much, as she doesn’t like sailing because the world does tend to be mostly at sixty degrees, and Mal de mer strikes quickly for her! also she was put off a little with a few serious storms, experienced early on in her sailing career, in a 25 foot boat in the English channel, sailing with a then very inexperienced, though safe, skipper.:o((

Friday, November 18, 2005

Winters here!

It`s Saturday 05.00 and the frost is laying heavy out in my garden, winter is well and truly here! Foot prints criss cross all over the lawn, where the foxes have been busy searching for food. I reduced and eventually stopped feeding the young family quite some time ago to encourage them to move farther away and to learn to support themselves, which they have done. Their coats which were really Suffering from the effects of mange have now all become beautiful and with their vivid markins it is easy to identify them from The large wary male to the youngest of last seasons cubs. I notice that there is now more signs of digging under my large garden shed so they are getting themselves ready for a hard winter and the possibility of more cubs next year so I will have to take some action to avoid this if possible by either having them neutered (which would be expensive) Killing them (not an option for me!) or moving them to another area some distance away. I do feel a little guilty having fed them, but to counteract that feekingI believe that I would have rather kept them alive and made them healthy than let them starve (I know! I know! its natures way, but not in my garden, OK :o)))

Our roses which were, believe it or not, in full bloom have now been zapped by the frost and are looking fairly sorry for themselves, Iam aboutto embarke on the usual home maintenence and today I am modernising the ground floor MC and shower room :o(( (Id rather be on my boat!)

With regard to the boat I have snugged it down for the winter with dehumidifier`s and heaters in the cabins and tubular heaters in the engine room so she will be happy for the winter. I guess that in Late january I will start to get her dressed for the season and look forward to it.

We are of to Brugge in a couple of weeks time on the Eurostar which will be good for Christmas shopping. As a matter of interest (to me only as nobody reads my blog Ahhhhhhh! )I was the millionth customer on the Tunnel link (well me and a whole train load of celebs , not including me of course!) I was given a certificate and a weekend in a French chateux "all found". At tht time it was possible to stand a £1 coin on edge on the walkway and it would remain there for the majority of the journey so I will try that again when we go, I bet the wear has set in and it doesn`t last five minutes of the journey now. Well winter is definitely here in the UK I wish I was in a hot country, or maybe I should go back to bed? Nah! I`ve got work to do, that makes a difference !! do I hear you say???????? Onwards and upwards!!!!! ZZZZZZzzxxx snore........ :o))

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Not really a good photo of the chip, but its not visible now anyway! :o)) Honest guv! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 12, 2005

My Blog for today!

Well I am now back from the boat having had a very singular and selfish couple of days, eating when and where I chose. Rising late and walking and talking to everybody who would give me the time of day (not many, at age sixty two, six foot one inch in height and sixteen stones in weight).

Yesterday I laid a new Oak floor in my conservatory and this morning I have just finished the edging/cover fillets around the edges, with quite a few intricate “mitres” (I served an apprenticeship as a carpenter and joiner, working on for at least five years after finishing, so I haven’t done too bad a job) and was repositioning the furniture which included a heavy metal picture frame with beautiful photographs of my much loved grandchildren in. As I moved a gate leg table the leg closed and the table folded the frame impacting with the floor on its sharp corner. Upon closer inspection I found (you guessed !) a chip in my new floor, where was it (you guessed right again) right in the Blo*dy middle of the F&%$£* Floor!! :o((((. It was a sizeable chip about five mills square. I had taken such care to lay the floor to the best of my ability and now this had happened. I contemplated suicide! Nah! Not my style I contemplated removing fifty percent of the flooring and replacing the board, finally I contemplated filling the chip which I decided was the best way to go so I mixed up some two pack resin and added various, spirit, wood stain to make it the right colour, sort of a baby sick colour, and made good the chip.

Isn’t this really a lesson for life? In that no matter what you do, there is always something or somebody that will spoil it for you if you aren’t careful, and I wasn’t

I am now on my knees looking hard and I really can’t see the chip repair so I am well satisfied with the result, although it is still a bit like having soiled goods!

The overall result of the new floor along with the new furnishing has really lifted the area and when I extend the wet heating into it later on in the year, it will bring it into the all season benefits of the house.

I was watching a program on the TV last night that looks at different countries with the view of people buying holiday homes there and last night they were exploring Poland. They showed three suitable properties which were truly amazing, well built and lovely dwellings. The big thing that I thought the program really “brought across” was how lovely Poland truly is! also how nice the people are (I already new that from my Polish friends anyway!) It really is a hidden jewel in “Europe” One day I will get to visit (soon I hope) and maybe have my dream, fourteen metre (steel ) long keel, ketch built there!

“Dream as though you are going to live a thousand years
Live as though you will die today”

Monday, November 07, 2005

I`m Bored!

So I am off to the boat today for a few days, I haven`t got any real work to do on her so I will visit the Pavillion, museums, churches, the Lanes, markets and gunshops and do the sort of thing that I enjoy and fuel her up for the winter. Its really going to be a "selfilsh visit"I will eat in my favourite restaurants, rise late (fat chance as I`m always awake by 05-00) and sit on deck in the evening drinking tea and reading (if its not raining) What more could I ask for I am indeed very lucky to be able to do what I want, when I want!

When I return I have to fit a new floor in the downstairs bathroom and the same in the conservatory. Small price to pay to get away for a few days. The 16th is my wifes birthday she`s 30 years and 11680 days old (she will kill me for saying that te he!) so this Sunday we are having a family Lunch/Dinner and my Daughter is bringing he new Man to meet us so! I have been warned to be on my best behaviour, it would seem that this is the one (but then the others were?) I really don`t understand I only had one girlfriend and then I married her and we are still married! (yea right! believe that and you will believe anthing) I didn`t have many ( not with my looks!) anyway. Oh well! I`m off to the boat now.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Anthonys been found

The Police have located Anthony in a hospital some 16 miles away. They notified the Cafe proprietor and his wife, this morning, who have asked for further information. This is currently being witheld as they are not Family (justifiably I guess?) I am told that he is very unwell and possible suffering from a Kidney complaint believed at this moment to be an infection, he is also dehydrated but better than at admission. I am so glad that he is at least safe but why 16 miles away? given that he couldn`t walk. I still have serious misgivings in our so called welfare state and national health service, with whose use, I wouldnt be alive today (thank God for "private medicine it has given me some 10 years so far and many, many, more to come)

"Dream like you are going to live for 1000 years,
live like you are going to die today",

Friday, November 04, 2005

Getting old

At the cafe I use (a greasy spoon) there was a customer called Antony, he was about 78 years old and travelled everywhere on an old bike. Antony`s wife had long since pre-deceased him and he would use the cafe for some sort of social release as well as regular meals. The table he regularily occupied often held several other elderly men, who used the cafe for much the same reason that Antony did. Slowly they either ceased visiting for whatever reasons and eventually there was only Antony and one other elderly Gentleman, Eric left. The Table that used to often creat so much laughter and happiness had grown dim.

Today I found out that Antony had gone missing, and that Eric and the cafe proprietor had called the police to check out his house, the social services and Age concern too. The Police checked out his house with Eric and The Cafe Proprietor but Age concern and the Social services really didn`t want to know, from what I can disern, from their lack of interest, he wasnt found there.

What I have to ask myself now is should I have taken more notice of Antony`s lack of interest in food and his ever more ailing demeanour? I have to say that I was too interested in my own situation to have cared very much. My "Im alright Jack" attitude being ever present.

Is getting old really a case of getting on with it or do you get out of life what you put into it? If that is the case then I guess that I will get old alone and have to put up with it, should I live that long.

So far everybody at the cafe has been trying to locate Anthony but the main fear has to be that he has taken himself off to die, he obviously never felt very good in the latter months but never complained, his recent habit of not eating and only just drinking some tea was spotted by the Cafe owner who thought it would pass, I have to say that I wasn`t aware but then again what would I have done? Nothing I guess, just like the Social services and Age concern. Is that to be the way of the modern British society? will we, effectively, take our old and ailing out into the snow to die? this is the UK, 2005 isnt it? I do hope he is found soon and OK.