Monday, January 03, 2005

Boat show visit

I sit here in the early morning musing about things to come, its not yet light and the wildlife in the garden is leaving after their nights toil ( finding food for their families) My thoughts go out to the Tsunami victims and those left sick, hungry and afraid with no Idea of what the future may bring them. I wish them all the very best for the future and may they ( those remaining) live togeather in peace. I guess that even though I have sent a donation I am feeling guilty for being so lucky.

On Thursday I am going to the London boat show Wooooow! it is now being held in the Thames docklands on the eastern side of London, in a big fairly new exhibition centre called Excel. I could drive there but I will go on the public transport, nightmare but it has to be done. I have a ticket for the press/preview day so it won`t be too crowded, for the first time in many years of visiting I will be actually taking my lunch with me, I always carry a small rucksack for any items that I may wish to collect and carry, like a wet weather coat etc so it will be no problem to tuck some coke and sandwiches in there too. No I am not a skinflint but I do just feel that the high prices charged for third rate food is an insult to our (the visitors) intelligence. I am thinking of changing my boat this year so I will be open to suggestion as to which way I should progress, boat wise, I am really looking forward to my visit.

Well its getting light and I have rambled on enough, the last fox has dissapeared home and the birds, two collar doves, thrushes, magpies and a robin, are now in the garden pulling at worms and bathing in the bird pond. the world (my world) is starting to wake. I have already posted a comment on to a "friends" site and now I am beginning to wish I hadn`t been so opinionated, people are kind enough to accomodate me and my intrusions (on their blogs) and then I go and make my feelings know about subjects that I have long since finished with, Oh well if you read this please forgive my rash comments they were meant for the best at the time. There I go again!!! I used to be indescisive but now I am not so sure! Take care!

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Yvonna said...

Hi Rob!!!I didn't find your posts rash.:D
Enjoy the exhibition in London!!!I wish you luck in changing your boat(I don't think that sentence is correct---I'm sorry if it isn't)I don't know much about "big" boats.I've been sailing on one-person one.
Yacht-races,shanties and so, you know :).It was a hard job but I succeded and once I was third in Poland!!!No,I'm not boasting :) I think I still prefere sailing on my own.
It's hard to enjoy school when I have to learn so unnessesary things.Siiigh.But despite this I think school is great.At Christmas break I realised that I tend to miss my school friends.My school is on the other site of Cracow and so my friends and I'm not able to see them often after school...Goodbye....