Monday, January 03, 2005

A new year!

Its Sunday and the sun is shining, its very cold outside but there are no clouds in the sky. The frost sparkles on the car and I cant be bothered to clear it off so I walk to the news agent and collect a news paper. On the way I meet my son and my grand son on their way to visit with us, my daughter in law is expecting her next baby and is somewhat sick at the moment. My Grandson has been acting up and my son has been told "to sort it" so here they are banned from the house until she is fit enough to deal with them, te he! she has got them sorted, I love her, it makes me smile when I think of what he (my son) used to get up to and now its coming home. Who ever said "what goes around comes", etc, etc, was right.

We walked up to the shop and back and then they visited with us for a few hours, he`s nearly walking (my grandson that is :o)) ) stands on his own but no first step forward yet it`ll come and then watch out. They left at about midday and I went to my boat club for lunch which was great. I met with some friends of mine and we sat on his boat and chatted in the sun, I was in shirtsleeves and we sat on his sundeck drinking tea, eating Christmas cake, putting the world to rights, and planning our forthcoming trip to Dunkirk for the "D" day celebrations. Ho hum! what a life? So back home at 18-00 and then dinner. Tomorrow is a bank holiday so most places are closed, I may go down to my boat and check it out, but then again I will probably enjoy the good weather and walk or visit with friends again. The kitchen tiling still needs finishing, I really must do that, but another day, soon, I promise.

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