Sunday, January 09, 2005

Life`s Good

Yesterday I got my box back duly fixed (or so I thought) I disconnected my laptop and hey ho! I was back on line with a great turn of speed. Makes so much difference , my laptop is so slow. I downloaded Skype and duly made a call to a friend in the UK and it worked immediately I can now phone anybody in the world who has a lan line(broadband connection) for free. as I was about to rejoice the box "fell over" crashed with a blue screen. I closed it down and it wouldn`t allow me to open it again at all, not even in "safe mode" so here I am again with my laptop. Saga after Saga or so it seems. Whilst I have a fast box wth two hard drives I am now thinking that I will change it for something new. It is ten years old and while it has been rebuilt and rebuilt over and over again it is quite old for a computer. so tomorrow I will be searching the adverts in the papers and computer press for the best bargain.

Whist I think that my blogs are not worth reading I think that I am lucky to be able to communicate with other "bloggers" and really enjoy their keeping in touch, so life really is good... Thankyou guys!

I still haven`t finished the tiling in the kitchen but tomorrow I will start again Ishould have it finished by midday but then again!! :0)) who knows? Some friends of mine, two boats down from me in the marina, have just decided (over ten years) to divorce so my male friend is using my boat as his home for now( they lived on their boat) and she is staying in the marital boat as it were, so I have been able to help out a bit which makes me feel OK, pity I cant patch up their marriage but its irretrievable! so they both say, (Now the world gets sad!)

I have been over to my boat club for lunch and really enjoyed meeting my like minded boating friends. I left early so as to meet up with the comp box repairman (promised to turn up at 15.00 but its now16.00) who is going to down load my operating programme and reinstall it so "fingers crossed" I may be lucky who knows!

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