Monday, January 24, 2005

Banned from the cafe :O(((

On saturday I met my old entertainments manager who I hadn`t seen for ages he turned up out of the blue to surprise, my other friend and I. Evantia took me to one side and quietly asked who he was and to which I replied oh! just one of my many theatrical friends , she looked at me in a sort of disbelief, but with no glimmer showing in my expression to disprove what I had just said, she asked me again what does he do. Oh! he`s a famous film actor now but you probably wouldn`t recognise him without his wig and make up I lied. Ah she cooed and walked away.

when I went to the cafe on monday(yesterday) Evanthia collared me straight away asking again what the name of the guy was and what films had he been in as she didnt recognise him. Oh the latest James bond film. what was the other one oh! yes Alexander, Oh and far too many more to mention. What sort of wig does he wear she asked and whats his name. Oh! I dont remember his stage name his street name is Rory. How come you dont remember his name if he`s famous? what parts did he play? she asked almost pleadingly, I still dont recognise him, she said . With this continued fencing from me, Yanni, Evanthias husband and cook came out from the kitchen and in apparent desperation said "for Christs sake tell her who it was as she hasn`t stopped all weekend about who it might have been"

Oh! now I am in big poo for winding her up so I think to myself that I had better come clean but now I dont really have then nerve to do so to her directly so I wink at Yanni and and tell Evanthia that his very latest film was "Taking the mickey" she hadnt heard of it of course and then slowly came round to the fact that I had been winding her up. Well I thought that the world was going to end. I was promised all sorts of bad luck for not being truthfull to her I was told that I would never have another cup of tea from her cafe, That my parents definitely were not married, and on she went. I was banned from the cafe for my lifetime, which she assured me would be short.

Oh! I forgot to mention that earlier all the other regulars had cottoned on to my diversion and when she asked them who they though he was thay said such name as Jude law, Hugh grant, and a miriad other names that she of course disgreed with they were brilliant and kept the wind up going for at least another two hours before I finally arrived.

After about thirty minutes still sitting with my now long since empty cup of tea, listening to the pan crashing, mumbled voice of Yanni trying to console his wife and the raised rebukes of Evanthia. I was still refusing to believe that she meant what she said. All became silent and she appeared I wasn`t sure if I should run off like a scolded schoolboy or I should await my fate. she walked up to me and said in her cold greek accent I suppose you want another cup of tea, yes please I said shakily. " where do you want it! over your head?" in a cup please I said in mock sub servance. "Oh you really had me going" she said "I have told all my family (and believe me there are a few of them) my daughter" "and most of the street" called Yanni from the back kitchen, "shut up!" she called out too him. I do feel foolish she said you really had me going then. What could I say, dont trust a stranger? not at this juncture she wasnt fully down on the ground yet and may have reacted violently, bless her I do feel really sorry for what I did but it was so funny to hook her, play her along and finally to watch her as the realisation finally went home. She now sees me in a different light and doesnt quite know how to take me any more. I do feel that I have lost something, and am a little sorry for spoiling a good relationship


RisingSlowly said...

I love wind-ups. I often do them myself. Had the entire school believe that there was going to be a Titanic II."Jack's Back". Told them that Rose had actually murdered Jack, that Jack had just been sleeping and that Jack was intent on getting revenge.
Yesterday convinced a class that I was a 'volunteer' and that I taught for free because I felt so sorry for the students and the crap English curriculum that they are served by the Ministry of Education.

rob said...

Te, he, I love it!