Friday, November 26, 2004

Bollo*ks Thursday

I have just lost a 3900 word Blog with the mis use of the bloody mouse! The Poxy bloody presentation of this site doesnt automatically cover the whole screen and the Poxy AOL bits are at the sides , they are so Grabbing of your attention that whenI only went on to them for a second the whole Blog was lost. Bloo*y AOL!!!!!Bollo*ks Pi** pot Bugg*r Bum!!!!!!!!!!! :o(((

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Wednesdays thoughts

Well! here I sit boored sh**less, have been out to lunch with an old friend who at the great age of 67 has fitted his house out totally with new PVC windows ( without help) and rewired and re plumbed it too ( once again without help!) He really puts me to shame. I still have the tiles to do in the kitchen( wow! lucky me) I have seen the boat that I want to replace my existing one with, its 52 feet long and a motor yacht (what happened to the sailing yacht thoughts you may ask, well I decided that smaller engines were the answer so I wont have to pull strings etc) I have contacted the owner to see if I can have a look? and if its sold or not, so more news to follow.

I am off to France on Sunday to help another friend remove his engine (well its already out of the boat and on the deck) I am to bring it back to the UK for a re-build. I have three of the same engines so I have enough bits to do it.

I spoke with another friend today who is currently on the Isle of wight and rebuilding his boats "drive train", he needs some help with "bearing scraping" his shafts, tail end bearing, when he fits his new shaft, so I am going down there mid next week and get to sleep off shore for a while, should be good fun, he is good company. Tomorrow I am going to the boat repair show at Olympia so I will meet more like minded people, with a view to better involvement in the marine industry??????

Writing this Blog really does seem to make me think a bit more positivley about life, I have everything going for me and really need to remember that. I am two thirds through my book and slowing down, I am rewriting it on a regular basis but not getting nearer the finish! Ho! Hum!! I regret never having taking a creative writing course. In spite of rising to the top (or near) of my profession I only ever gained one GCE at school and that was in Art with a minimum pass of 40%. Yes I know it shows in this Blog!

Two weeks ago I had an altication with a shop person who was out of order, so I wrote to their customer service department manager ( I felt like Victor Melville) and pointed out that No matter how they felt, I was a customer and should be treated as such, etc, etc. After about a week, I really started to doubt that I was in order doing this and it the end I started to feel that perhaps I shouldnt have brought it to their attention, as the person concerned may get disciplined. Well I had a reply today telling me that and they had researched it fully and found very much in my favour and the person concerned is to be re-trained. I am now a little bit more easy with my actions, but as with most Brits (we usuall never complain do we?) I dont find it easy to involve myself with such things. Today is a bit drab its not really raining or cold or windy its a bit "average" There are Rhodedendrums (spelling) blossoming when I passed the large bush at the top of my road, so even nature is being fooled, (God I hate Mud Island! Get me to the sun somebody, me I guess). I have just discovered a new stealth tax. I visited my local hospital and found that the usual free parking was now by ticket so I duly took a ticket and the barrier lifted. I parked and went to Pathology and had a sample of blood taken. I returned to my car (it took no ,more than 15 minutes) and was required to pay £2 for the pleasure of parking. I can go to a central London car park for less than that and for more time. Outrageous dont you think. The Government are obviously not providing enough cash for the hospital to run correctly perhaps or does the staffing of the car park take most of the money and what is left placed in the kitty for the eventual re-furb. Why do I have to pay?? I have paid all my life (well 44 years) isnt that enough? We talk about a free national health service, its only free if you can get it for nothing and 44 years of payment isnt free to my mind. I would not be alive today if I had waited for a place to recieve an operation given the state of "waiting lists" I guess that the staffing of the car park brings a few pounds in extra revenue to the hospital (I dont have a problem with that) but it also employs people and that helps the governments employment figures, doesnt it? and makes profits for the company that runs it for the hospital (remember Goslings National car parks) Its all artificiall!!. we own the hospital and the car park? why do we have to pay.? I said I would go off on a tangent earlier on in my firt Blog and here is a prime example !!

I wish I was in the sun on my boat (or new boat, after completion) one day, maybe oneday! as the lottery says! I shall have to live to be a 1000 years old to do all I want to do.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Well,Mondays almost gone!

Morning came early! with a call to help move house, from a tennis star friend (english) so a quick load up of the van, and she drove it to her new house. We unloaded it, boy are these girls strong and fit, not without problems getting "stuff" up on to the second floor around a twisty staircase. We stopped at the (you guessed it) cypriot cafe and Evanthia (Eve) took the Pi*s while Yanni (john) did the cooking (and yes you guessed it I had Tomatoes on toast while my friend tucked into a traditional english breakfast. I sometimes think that my life is getting more and more booring (it is) so I am now sitting down typing this in the hope that I may get some inspiration for the future. I have thought about taking a degree course and getting a doctorate in some obscure subject but cant find one that I think I will complete as I have an ultra short attention span.
Another good friend of mine has gone to Plymouth to take an oceanography/marine sciences degree and is very dissalusioned after only the first couple of months. She was the first lady to obtain an English commercial divers qualification in the world, so she knows quite a bit about Oceans already having dived professionally in many of them. Still miss my dog! and am looking at a mag with the intention of settling upon the type of boat that I want to circumnavigate the world in I really have to sell my old cruiser eventually (shes been good but is getting old! Like me) I think that I would like a steel trawler that I can convert into a super "expedition yacht" I have the expertese, so I could do it quite cheaply( comparitively), although I never finish a project well, as my lack of attention span and attention to detail never hold out long enough (perhaps if I try hard?) Like the idea of the project ! must get back to tiling the newly fitted Kitchen at home (as I said I never finish a project, I fitted the kitchen and had to wait for the tiles, I have now been notified today that they have arrived ) Bo**o**s!!!!! must get down to the boat!!!! So do I take a decree course? buy that project Boat? or at my great age just buy a suitable boat and sail around the world?

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Well its Saturday and p*****g down

So far today, I have risen, showered and gone to Cafe for breakfast. The Greek cypriot lady(Eve who with her husband ownes the cafe) served me with the aplomb of a hornet, taking the Pi** and general demeaning me ( so I know that she really likes me ) My breakfast of fried fresh tomatoes on toast really set me up for the day (fresh tomatoes are supposed to be good for the prevention of Prostate cancer so I must be one of the few people that can safely say that they will never ever suffer from it, Never say never eh?) Well I am writing this Blog as I have nothing else to do. I am not very computer literate and not very sure that this will even "come out"so who cares?

At age 61 after a mixed life of many experiences I am in the decline. I have been active for the best part! and sired two kids Male and Female 34/31 had a happy marriage and gone broke at age 32 owing millions (well it seemed like it) I climbed out of the pan and continued working as a liesure manager and ended up retiring at 56 running a theme park. Boy was that an experience? My hobies in the past have included shooting (target) Judo, Kendo and Kyudo ( kendo and kyudo only briefly as my business was failing at the same time) Greco roman wrestling and olympic freestyle wrestling was a long term sport for me ending with a spell on the professional circuit ( I was never very good at it) I have jumped Parachutes and scuba dived and had a hard hat experience at Siebe Gorman, so I havent been without stimulation in my somewhat booring life.

My main love after my family, of course has always been boating and I have sailed for many years ending up owning a power cruiser, which I keep in a south coast marina. I cant wait until the weather gets better and I can get back down to it, her, him, and commence the season of cruises to distant (relevant) places. I am new to Blogging so I may go on a bit it all sorts of directions but once again who cares? I miss my old dog (gemma a cross breed labby) and am looking at a photograph of her on top of my monitor, the day before I had her killed ( put to sleep by the vet) I still feel pangs of guilt even after all this time, she was a great companion and I will always miss her unconditional love (well almost! except for walks, food, chocolate, clearing up after her when she became incontinent) Tomorrow I shall wake again (hopefully) and shower but the cafe is closed so will have breakfast here. I will visit my "yacht club" and seek like minded company briefly as I have to go to a surprise birthday celebration in the afternoon.