Thursday, January 06, 2005

Been there done that!!!!!

Well I have now been to the London boat show. All the glitz and new products, have been sucked in, evaluated and spewed out. I have my opinions on them all? I didnt see any boats that I would replace my existing one with, well not any that really stuck out as a must have, even if I could afford the six million pounds for the bigger ones, so I`ll stick with my existing one for another season.

The trip on public transport was worse than I expected and I ran into a wall of people trying to all get onto the same train at the same time, presumably, so as to be at work at the same time too. I have to say, the amount of jostling and elbowing taking place was incredible it brought memories back of my days as a prop forward in a rugby team :o))) When finally I did get into a carriage, we were all so squeezed in, I was pressed against the side window and to amuse myself I pressed my face flat against the glass window, pulling distressed faces at the people waiting on the station as the train pulled out. (One day I will grow up? never!!) but in the meantime, I enjoyed myself and made the people laugh, can`t be a bad thing to brighten up their journey can it?

My journey home was better as I changed my route and having used the DLR (docklands light railway) I used the main railway system more and it wasnt at a busy time too. The DLR is a little disconcerting as the trains dont have drivers and you can sit at the front of the train and just experience the journey. ( I was tempted to stand up and scream " My god!!! what has happened to the driver" but I decided not to, as it would not be suitable because the other passengers were of a great age and may not have seen the funny side of it, let alone participating in a few heart attacks) I guess that aircraft will eventually go the same way and not have pilots? Wierd!!!!!!!! a very strange feeling....just getting there!

Next year I will make my way by "Free running" I will have finished my diet by then and got fit????? we`ll see!!! :o))

Now that done I really must get my act togeather and finish the kitchen tiling :o)) and get the boat ready for another exciting season of journeys to "far away places"


Yvonna said...

Hello!! the part of your post about the trip on public transport is great it makes me laugh all the time :)
Hmm having anold boat has also some advantages. I can't think of any now but I bet it has.
Esch...poor's 10 o'clock and I've got to go to school.Today I have chemistry test.OMG I hope I won't fail it...
HAve a nice day, Rob!

rob said...

Hi Yvonne Thanks for your kind wishes, having an old boat does have its advantages not the least being less depreciation. Buy a new one and the value starts to go down dramatically from the moment you take delivery, what with tax etc so another year for me (I guess that a reprieve was what I wanted all the time).

Its probably a bit late to wish you well for your Chemistry exam but I do anyway. take care, will speak with you soon