Sunday, May 21, 2006

Weathers not very nice!

As you know the weather has been pretty bad in this part of the globe but we still went down to B`ton on Friday, as I had agreed to be involved in a business launch of a couple of new friends there and it took place outside in the rain and howling wind. They are a great young couple and I really wish them well, both in their life togeather as well as their business venture. Their boat, which they live on, is in the inner part of the marina and so they had access to a small pergola where the food and drink was laid out (very professionally I must say!) and a green plastic sheet was used to part clad the pergola and afford some shelter to the food etc. 20 plus invitees didn`t show and it must have been a little dissapointing to present to, mainly friends and aquaintainces and virtually no future customers. We stayed for the prsentation and when things got down to the drinking and eating we crept off back to our boat after complimenting and thanking them both on all their efforts. the wind blowed and the rain "stormed" and the marina was generally noisy with the waves coming completely over "the wall"

on Saturday the weather didn`t get much better and we took a (small) train ride into B`ton passed the erected tent that will eventually house the sand carving exhibition. Last year there was no tent and so the weather played havoc with them, so this year a tent and increased entrance fee I gues!

In the Marina drive there was a large collection (the biggest meet ever) of Lamborghinni`s from Muira`s, Espada`s, and Countach`s about a 100 plus with outdoor events people and a band etc with the owner/drivers staying in the Grand hotel on Saturday night. How do I know all this well you guessed it I klnow a couple of the owners on of a Countach and one a Muira. I mooched around a bit having a look but something was lost with so many of the same vehicles to look at. I had work to do on the boat but bad weather is never conducive to be to do it although it is probably the best time , so I went to the internet cafe and commented on a few blogs and I guess spoiled their days. I had a cofee in Marks and went back to the boat.

Today I decided that I was going back to Surrey and my "foxes" on the way home about 250 minis passed us on their way to the Madera drive to their annual London to Brighton run, I felt for them as the rain was still falling heavily and the wind blowing at gale force. and as is the way quite a few minis were stopped by the side of the road with Ignition problem from water ingress into and onto the distributor and coil assemblies. I have no doubt that they will all eventually make it (Team spirit prevailing)

Well the Foxes have been fed, my granchildren have been played with, their gorgeous both of them, (He`s still biting and she is still smiling and now standing on her own) and I am now settling into the combox seat to pester a few other unsuspecting souls out there.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Can you believe that no one lives in the above house?!

We passed this edifice to the stonbe masons talents on a paid bus tour. This palace was left to the people of Spain ( I think) and is reputedly the best maintained building on the continent, but the window paint was peeling Tee Hee I spotted that ! I think it was the summer palace or something for the Monachy and with its views across the valle over the "Peons" it sounds about right.
The weather was in the high seventies and eighty on a couple of days. Yes it has its Mac Donalds and Starbucks (doesn`t everywhere?) and its ladies of the Afternoon (working girls) all slavic and eastern european. Gypsys were rife and a guy had his pocket picked as we sat for afternoon tea, but the "gypsy" was humilated into giving it back and her pleas that it was "someone else and they went that way Senor"ended in her suddenly saying Oh look! it was on the floor all the time! yea right!!! I reckon that there were enough Policemen around to about the ratio of ten to one! OK it was the area of the Paliament building but 10 to 1 its a bit high. The Parks were special and the cultivated flower beds around the many statues something else. the work ethic was good with people working in the streets etc until 22-00 . I loved the Museo Naval ( naval museum) and the Prado Museum (art)

Would I go back again NOOOOOOOO!!!! not with average meal for four at £150-00 plus a burger ( supplied by the hotel as a snack) that split my tongue with a piece of bone in it and cause me to have to get the plane whilst virtually drinking my own blood ( for about six hours) The cut would not heal and ended with me in Casualty at my local hospital, arriving at 21-00 and finally getting away at 01-30 today with it still bleeding, a little, which I agreed to put up with. Why didn`t I go the the Madrid hospital? I made the right choice "not to" as I would have missed the plane and all that goes with it (friends staying to make sure that one was OK etc etc!) The bleeding stopped by 07-30 today What a poorly soilder I was? I couldn`t even have a plaster to put on it, and when they injected the anisthetic into my tongue prior to stitching the bleeding got less so they decided not to stitch it. Was I sore? have you ever tried pushing your tongue out onto a hyperdermic needle, no wonder it stopped bleeding it had had enough after about twenty shots and was too frightenent to bleed much anymore! te Hee!

Madrid is such a clean city and boy are the council houses grand

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Back from Brighton

Had a blast today, sorted out the air problem on my Racor filters and took PG out for a burn! with a little growth on the hull and prop to get rid off we went for a twenty mile "burn" ending in MOB excersises to get a friend who has the same boat but never "driven" it get the feel. It was then back to the mooring and a quick check below to ensure that alls well and I found that the diesel filter for the Generator was dripping into the bildge and that both "stuffing glsnds" were excessively dripping too! so its back into the bildge I go again upon my return :o(( is there never any end to "Boat maintenence" ????????????? Te Heee! I love it. so its off to the Solent I go on my next burn de da de da de da!
Off to feed the foxes now! :o))