Sunday, June 08, 2008

IOW Trip

For those of you who think the trip I mention above is some drag induced experienced your wrong! I have never been into cross dressing,Well except for the odd period in my life when I used to wear an "A" l,ine, "shift" with my 13 studded, issue, black leather boots, Levis jean jacket, floppy hat and a "poachers bag" that sure got me noticed for a while especially in Paris where I was based at the time, or perhaps it was the goatee beard.

Anyway I went to the Island on Thursday to help a client/mate of mine with his sea trials. I stayed in the same art deco hotel as last year (photos to follow when I have sorted my desk top which went to blue screen for some reason. We had a great time sorting the boat out and manouvering in and out of the tiny creek without going aground was fun. in the evenings we ate out with me returning to the hotel at around midnight. The night manageress was convinced that I was up to no good, as I was gone before the reception was really manned and with being back so late, (with no real traces of me having used the room, as my rooms are always left almost with military prescision, as I had found it). in fact I found out later that she thought I had recently released from Parkhurst the islands "Maxsec", prison, can you believe it? Me, Nah never.

I found out that my mate who is ex special forces, had suddenly aquired Meneures desease, and that I could expect him to suddenly become dizzy and fall over, wherever he was, so to lighten his already over burdened feelings that he was the only person in the world who had this incurable desease and wouldn`t ever be able to work again because of it (after all what wealthy Arab wants a personal bodyguard that periodically throws himself on the floor and projectile vomits?) I threw myself on the floor of sainsbury`pretending to vomit to see what his and everybody elses reaction would be. He just walked off and just left me, or so I thought, and everybody just walked around me, it wasn¬t until I got up that I found that he had found an empty larger can and surrepticiously left it on the floor behind my back, so the passers by thought that I was drunk and showing their distainlike him ignored me. I quickly realised that he wasnt going to come back, having found the tin, and got up and joined him in the car where he was laughing his head off. I now feel guilty for such a show of extrovert ineptitude :o((.

I can understand now why ordinary people could just walk by and not assist, and discussed this with my mate who having spoken with the relevant society, and is "T" total, now carries a card explaining his predicament.

Well I had a great visit and we laughed a great deal and we were both sorry that I had to return to the mainland, I had long standing a lunch date in Southampton. Having not encountered his problems, other than my exhibition in sainsbury`s for four days, my mate decided that I had cured him, (he had been suffering attacks every three days which lasted for a couple of days each) I rang him when I got home only to find that he had just started an attack and wouldnt be answering his phone for a couple of days :o((. About three hours later he rang me back saying that he was back on his feet and that he was OK and that I may not have cured him but I had given him a tonic by visiting, great news.

My journey back from Cowes (the sailing Mecca of the western world) to southampton was an hour and even before we left cowes/medina, river a sailing yacht had slowly overtaken the ferryon its port side and pulled across its "slowly increasing in speed" bow. the skipper signalled three toots and stopped the ferry in a very short distance narrowly missing the yacht. The Yachtsman just turned and looked and carried on (almost in distain). he was under power at the time although he had his sails set. Being compitent in both sail and power I believe that there is often a time to stand on but this wasn`t one of them! Pr*t!!!!! The rest of the journey was without incedent and I had a perfect Tai lunch with Dim sum to die for (best I have ever tasted) in a fairly recently opened Tai "Tapas" restaurant in the student digs area of Southampton, with superb company.

Upon arrival at home I found that my Compbox was "Kaput" as I stated previously and to get my lap-top (this one) to work I had to check out and find a fault which I first thought was the battery but turned out to be a " shorting joint" on a spurious plug. So pleased with my efforts I drone on here for a bit :o))

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The calm before last weeks storm

Well! so much for sex on legs :o((

Nine posts is all I got for my previous posting, thats bad, real bad I thought at least I`d get some mickey taking :o(( Sh*t! I just thought, You dont think that I`m serious do you? Pah! nobody could ever think that of me, could they? Perhaps I should take another tack and abuse politics or religion? maybe I would get more comments? or maybe I should just ask the question! Am I booring? I know the answer already so don`t bother, Yawn !!!! sad so sad.