Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Phone link failure

Well My thought that we are becoming a third world country are being confirmed each day. yesterday evening my phone line went dead and all contact with the outside world ceased (not really) I reported it with my cell phone and a nice gentleman from Asia suggested that I disconnect all appliances (and I have some) and just have one telephone so as to check out if I have a signal from the exchange. This I did and he was told that still communication is lost. so I have no computer link (my lifeline to the world) to use. He said that he would call me today,Wednesday,to check if a signal has returned at about 10.00 which he did, and it hadnt. Five minutes after his call today and an appointment had been made for an engineer to call, my telephone is now working. So here I am back with the world I can see me in the future having to tap my phone to keep it working like in the old movies while a distorted voice says something like "operator" ,"operator" :oD Te He!

Diet starts today I need to lose approximately 14 Kg to get down to my medical weight , although 1.86 metres in height, I am more comfortable a little heavier than the medical reccomendation. Still I will proceed with the diet and achieve my goal. More walking will start with the trip to the boat show and at least seven hours on my feet plus the journey by public transport and no burgers as I am taking my own food. Christ by tomorrow night I will be down to my goal weight?? Like hell! Oh well I will progress. I wish I had the guts to go out on roller blades without thinking that I was making a fool of myself at my great age. Who knows maybe I will It will have to be dark though?? Must do a risk assesment re traffic?? :o))

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RisingSlowly said...

I had a dream about my rollerblades last night. I bought them about 18 months ago and haven't got further than my kitchen -where I fell flat on my back having discovered that I'd bought the 'Pro' rollerblades with only one brake on them!
I'm not as ancient as you but if this makes you feel any better, even I worry about making a fool of myself on them. Hence never getting further than the kitchen sink. I'm actually waiting for a total eclipse under which to try them out. If ever, perish the thought, I come back to the UK, we'll have to meet up and go for a blade together. Two twits are better than one twit.