Sunday, January 09, 2005

Compbox Blues

Man arrived, fiddled with box, for about three hours . he kept muttering something about "Iv`e never seen that before" and went, saying that he would have to check this out. so I am still using my laptop. Bleh!!

In an hour I start the final leg of my tiling marathon eugh! (I hate tiling) still apart from a large mirror to fit the kitchen will be finished. I then start on the ground floor shower room. With new wc, glass shower screen and wood floor plus decoration, it should look ok. That will take me to the boating season when I have to take the boat out of the water, 15 tons in weight, and strip off the paint on the bottom (antifoul) and replace it with new. The engines and generator need servicing after the winter "lay up"and the hull 13 metres X 5 metres needs to be polished plus the topsides, down below all the cabins need to have their duvets and all bedding cleaned/laundried plus general " housework" done. All elecronic equipment needs to be re-commissioned ready for the first voyage in mid March to the Isle of whight(Brr that will probably be cold) as I cruise alone mainly, it is important that all electronic equipment works 100% particularily the auto pilot " george" nearly as important as the sweedish twins, Olga and Helga the main Volvo engines who are in first class condition, Olga having been re-built last year. I have a computer on board so I can keep in contact with friends and I also use it for position indication GPS, and general chart navigation (pilotage) Mind you if I have the same problem with that as I do with my main shoreside box I will be back to using my charts and sextant Ho hum! back to the "Compbox Blues".........

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Yvonna said...

Hi Rob! thanks for words.THEY ARE REALLLY THE LOOOOONGEST...I'm just wondering how to read the American one :)
It seems you have a lot of job to do so I wish you luck.I hope your computer will soon be alright.
I'm sorry I;m posting so rarely but there are tests all the time...
Have a nice week, see you!