Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Loosing weight

I have lost seven pounds plus, I dont know where from as I look as well rounded as I did (to my eyes) but the scales say its right so I continue. I started at 231 pounds ( sixteen stones seven pounds or 105 KG) At over six feet it isnt too bad but classed as Obese in medical terms unless you are Muhammed Ali (that was his fighting weight I believe) my goal is 189 pounds ( thirteen stone seven pounds or 85.9 KG) which whilst its the medical weight that I am supposed to rest at seems a bit low for me. My fighting weight used to be 203 pounds but I guess that I was a lot fitter and better muscled, (Now dont lets kid myself that "I am still all muscle" cause I aint! says he holding himself in)

I found a quote on another site that I thought was appropriate for me to remember as I go through life it is by anonymous so I can`t attribute it to anyone in particular. With all the training and weight loss I expect to be participating in It makes me wonder a little.

"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely and in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming ----WOW---- WHAT A RIDE!!! "

Whilst I would like to believe this, I will carry on as I am at the moment, because I think that you have to prepare and maintain any equipment for a long journey and Boy is mine going to be a long one....... I think I can accept from "skid in broadside etc. on. I need action, somethings missing, roll on the boating season!!!!!!! perhaps I spent too much time at the computer ? about three hours a day. perhaps I should finish my book perhaps, perhaps?? Time to make breakfast for a lovely lady with a very bad back, bless her it seems to be a little better today . the chiropracter seems to have helped!


Yvonna said...

:) Loosing weight after Christmas? :)
I don't know why you (England)still use pounds instead of kilograms...
Hmm ya 3 hours is quite long in front of computer
I wish I had so much freetime.
You say:"Now I am convinced that we really are a third world country"what should I say then??When I talk via skye people (expecially from Usa and Great Britain--I've no idea why particulary they)often ask me if I have electricity,gas and why do I have a computer at home.One American nearly died of heart attack when I told him that there are even McDonalds...oh I really get sick and tired of questions like:oo Poland-nice can you remind me where is it? :) Funny in some cases...

rob said...

Hi Yvonne!
Poland is a great country. I have some friends who are members of a circus based there, he makes all the props. He worked with me in the UK before Poland joined the Common market. I tried to get his visa extended for another year but was unable to. They are great people. You also have many great and architectural buildings and are steeped in history so please don`t think that I am refering to Poland as a third worlds country (I am not).
Many years ago the UK was a leader in many fields not the least Engineering and Medicine. now all our great scientists, engineers and inventors, etc have been forced to go abroad to places like the US to get funding for their work because it is no longer available here . Our economy is (we are told) good. but there are so many hidden taxes that money is no longer available for such things. We owe Billions of pounds to the international monetary fund so as to keep our economy strong. When I think about a third world country I think of Ziare or Zambia whose people suffer gross injustice at the hands of their rulers (with Swiss bank accounts) and thats how I feel that we compare although nowhere as bad. I am not happy with our government at all their priorities are in the wrong place. (phew!!! sorry to go on so much!) Bye