Thursday, February 02, 2006

What make a good blog

Being a monotone, uninteresting person of few words I find it dificult to write with abandon, in the manner of some, who with little or nothing can fill a whole page with interesting blog material. Where am I going wrong.

I tend to Blog for myself and thus what I find interesting others may not. Should I change and start again with the new Rob who takes a minor event and creates this wonderful picture with the most descriptive of prose, who places his dreams, clearly defined, on the pages for others to revel in? I`m not sure I have the capability for that? perhaps I should add more photographs, after all they say a picture is worth a thousand words. I wonder what (Ardie 1978 )would say at this time?

When I look around me at other blogs I am amazed at what people do. I see several people who are soon give up everything, casting off their security shroud (for that is what it really is) and travelling the world. Another who has had tragedy in her life and by her absence from blogging causes me to wonder if she is in Correction again, finishing off her paroled sentence and I feel sad that a great Mum and person has to undergo such trauma in her life. I read about how cold it is in the most beautiful city in the eastern block and the traumas of growing up and studying at school and give thanks that I don`t have to go to school again (perhaps I should and learn to write more creatively).

I think Ill just post photos (prefferably not of me making an ass of myself) in future.
Yep you got it in one, I`m bored, Bored, BORED!!!!!!!!!! how can someone who has every thing he could ever want from life get bored? Perhaps I`m not aiming high enough? perhaps I am easily satisfied? Nah!!! Im just me!!! Happy to be alive and thankfull for all I have!! But still BOREDDDDDDDDDDD. sod it!! Ill go tho the cafe and wind them up for an hour!

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