Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Today I take the bean photos and get info re Greek filo pastry

Yesterday I had my annual medicheck and all was well until my consultant checked my BP and found it to be high (I have "white coat" syndrome) so I was duly wired to a bit of kit that I had to wear for 24 hours to check out the whole story (no big deal) I went to the Cafe and hadn`t said anything about my days encounter, and whilst sitting quietly this thing started to randomly pump up ( as it does) the arm strap with a sort of quiet pharting noise!!! everybody turned and looked at me in discust, so ignoring their looks, I slowly started to raise my stiff arm until it was in a nazi type salute position and the thing had stopped, the look on their faces was worth seeing! they didnt know whether to laugh or what to do. When I explained what I was wired to they fell about and some were concerned in case I blew up? Today I shall tell them that I wasnt wearing any prosthetic and it was the beans so hence the photos Im taking.

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