Friday, February 24, 2006

No I haven`t got a garden fixation!

I read Kates blog and thought that whilst I couldn`t compete with the snow picture, I would let you see the state of my Garden today. What a surprise, the snow came yesterday and stayed. you can just make out the Foxes run. Each time they enter the garden they take the same "safe" path. Oh! and Gerald the china, black and white Penguin on the low wall. When he was "let loose" the first passing fox "Broached" sideways (is there any other way) and vertically as they suddenly spotted him, but he stood firm totally unafraid, but now alas they just wee on him as they pass, theres a story for life there somewhere!

I like my Garden! in the bottom left hand corner we used to have a caravan, whilst we built the house some thirty years ago (Christ is it that long?) in the winter we (myself my wife and two small kids,) used to take it in turns to thaw the gas bottle by sitting cuddling it, so we could light the gas to warm up. once again a story for life there I think? ( Yea! get Propane instead of calor it dont freeze!) my poor kids for years they thought it was normal to cuddle the gas bottles and were amazed when they wern`t asked to do so on their first caravan holidaywith friends families.

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