Monday, February 27, 2006

A Family encounter,I went to the

Supermarket yesterday and as soon as we entered the main entrance we were confrunted with two "tots" sitting in a trolley screaming the place down and out daughter-in-law looking stern faced at them. The eldest (two) had bitten the youngest (six months) and she had bitten him so all three of them were by now really P*ssed off! we were spotted and like the cavalry went to the rescue or so we thought. We were told that he was naughty and had to learn (of course) and that she would continue with the shopping and let him get on with it! "Littleun" who had by now spotted us and stopped crying was smiling. the oldest moved towards his mother in a " sorry cuddle mode"and the "littleun" screamed the place down again, everybody was looking, and so we spent a noisy couple of minutes talking, ending with their mother giving them "non swallowable" whistles to quiet them and they went on their way. As our shopping progressed I could hear, coming from the next Isle or two, the sound of the whistle, so I replied with two short blasts to be greeted with two short blasts in return then I could hear the sound of "Littleun" crying so I guess he had done something to upset her again and the sound of the whistle stopped. Withing two minutes I could again hear the whistle and so whith two blasts coming from both of us (the eldest and I) we continued our shopping. Needless to say my wife, half heartedly, told me to stop and "dont be so childish and I can`t take you anwhere" but I continued. the crying stopped and the sound of his whistle got weaker and faded all togeather as they left on their journey home! How much more infantile can a sixty two year old get?


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