Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Today I got roped into ..........

The daughter of the A1`s owners, Gemma, was having trouble with her maths homework and so (you guessed it) I got roped in. I wasn`t sure whether or not I could help as its 45 years since I did much of that, and its a long time but it turned out that it was "Trig" that she was having problems with and hey ho! as a long term user of the sextant I managed to find my way around what they were trying to get her to do. I also discovered the Scientific calculator which ,Wow!!!! what an instrument? certainly made things easy, I must get me one of those too.

I`ve just purchased a digital tv kit for my laptop and it works really well but does need a decent ariel to function properly. The small ariel given to you with the kit is crap and just doesn`t work. I anticipate being able to use it on the boat in between spells of navigating and route planning.

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