Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Stood in the

Tonight I stood in the garden for a while (dont ask me why because I dont know, maybe its the solitude maybe its the calm?). The cold was initially refreshing as it slowly crept through my body and could become deadly if I stayed too long I looked at the night sky and everything was very still. Small sounds were breaking in from the distance, as I hoped to see a shooting star, but didnt, I wanted to hear a fox or at least feel them near, but didn`t.

I was quite dissapointed as I turned to walk back in. As I looked towards the garage door the light caught two brown shapes sitting either side of the door like temple dogs eyes wide waiting for food. I hadn`t heard them arrive or perhaps they were there all the time? these were the new couple on the block. the larger Dog was new to the neighbourhood but the female was one of last years litter. He was a little reticent to stay where he was as I walked back in to get some food, but she stood quite calmly as I walked past. On my return they were still there and she took the food directly out of my hand but he needed to be persuade, within two minutes they were both munching happily and having had their fill wandered togeather off into the darkness. I dont envy them it was really cold out there. I really do enjoy any brush with wildlife. I give thanks that I don`t live in Africa!

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