Monday, February 27, 2006

Pi*ssed off

Re June 27th 2005, post my friends still haven`t had any settlement on their claim and the Turd that hit them is still not accepting that the impact was his fault. the surveyors have spoken with all wittnesses and the insurance company have declined to pay out. So what to do! cost them ( the insurance company) time and money to the extent that it would be more economic for them to settle, I think not! try to reason further? they wouldn`t listen they are an insurance company. I have suggested that the small claims court is the way to go at least get all the evidence out into the open and make a valued judgement on the full picture. So my Mate is about to take out a, summons to appear, to the insurance company and is asking for further and better particulars to be furnished as a result of the pending appearance, (the insurance company to date refuse to say on what evidence they based their descision not to settle) . My friends really can`t afford to do this and the company knows it and is trading upon their demise. An alternative would be for he and I to do all the repairs and just accept it? but thats not very right either.

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