Saturday, February 11, 2006

My Grumpy old mans view on Life and religion

I will probably make a few enemies from expressing my opinion, but I will anyway.

Brought up a "Church of England, Christian" my beliefs about life as we understand it to be, are that we are a product of some sort of fusion that changed how the universe operated in a major way. The earth was formed and the matter upon it evolvod into what we are today and (now developed into) will be in the future with help from us.

All religions are Man made and perpetuated by man, most having some form of divine being that must be shewn respect by its followers, Allah, Buddha, Christ, even a God himself.

Why is it that a divine being with folk law attracted to them is required? So that mere mortals can be in fear of them, in awe of them and ultimately respect what they stand for and be controlled by those close to the religion. Priests, Vicars, Mullahs,Bretheren etc.

In the early to middle ages when these religions started to emerge, the peoples of the world were quite uncivilised and gullible and readily followed a leader and the religions with semibelievable stories attached were needed to control the populace.

What we are seeing now are very wealthy (if not in funds, loyalty from their followers) religions that still control large numbers of people throughout the world and large tracts of the continents of this world. These religions are primarily about the same thing but have drifted apart over the years and after some squabbling are really still only a small amount apart in their overall thinking.

It is therefore in my opinion that if all religions came togeather and sorted out the best bits of their religion for the others to accept into their respective religions, gradually combining into one religion, Those in the fat cat jobs, would not be needed or at least there would be too many of them so some redundancy would have to be undertaken. The non believers like me would at least equal the believers and the religious businesses unveiled for what many of them are, a man made controlling tool, making money for its "owners" going about its business controlling the worlds populace, in the name of some now multi faceted "god" Now how believable would that be? it wouldn`t , so it will never happen, life will go on until some dangerous being in the name of his religion will end it all and Yet another excuse, perpetuated by the religious extremists will surface.

I also believe that all religious peoples are good people , but many are being mislead by their respective religion, however if it works for you and you need it, it works for me, if it doesn`t? state what you believe and get on with life!

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