Monday, February 27, 2006

The French are stealing our water and power

The French have taken over all our (English) utility companies. Daily, Norman disentangle is taking back to france our water in bottles. Oh yea! it looks as if the many thousands of his lorries secretly owned and operated by the french government! are empty but they are not, their suspensions are reinforced so as not to show that they are loaded sky high with bottles of water.

Whilst riding in the forests of Wales ( as you do) last year I spotted the reduced levels of the resevoirs and noticed that, where whole villages had been flooded in the construction of their dams, the roofs were now showing. we are at crisis point and the French must stop this! OK they need it to keep the medditerranean topped up but we need it to drink and water now tasting of roof tiles isnt any good. With regard to the power, now they own the generating companies, they use it to light up their poncy candelabra and the flashing animated signs of the Moulin rouge and other areas like Eurodisney, its currently being pumped through the eurotunnel and on to the whole of the european community as a gift from the french to ingratiate themselves into getting all the farming subsidies. Bstds!!!

What about cheese will that be next will they buy the English cheddar companies up next, or knotted hankerchief manufacturers, who knows? it really depresse me when I think of Degaul`s nose all encompassing it coverted the whole of the UK, whilst we fought! yes fought to free them from the cluches of the Arian sausage producer. Thats it!!!! Im going to invent an english salami!! lets see the bloody frogs try to buy my company and take over the world with an Enbglish sausage, Huh! Ill never watch Hallo hallo again its not funny anymore we are in turmoil! stop the frogs!!!

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