Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Baked beans for Kate

Well I said that I would get some bean photos, but I am writing this from the solitude of my home office having been banned from the Cafe, For twenty one years I have bean welcomed but today I was caught taking the above photograph, and banned well until tomorrow when I will visit again. They (John and Evadne) couldn`t believe what I wanted the photo for and someone made the comment that I was probably a Health and hygene inspector in disguised as a doddery old gentleman. (well that didnt hold water for a start!!!!) John lifted the lid and T took the photo. they are Heinz in large catering tins, boiled to death as I said previously, Yummy!! My old "larder chef" (Bill) used to add a spoonfull of sugar to the equivalent of a domestic tin and that made a huge difference, tastewise, to the beans but very fattening.

Claire!! I have asked them about Greek Filo pastry and Evadne says that for her parties at home etc she uses Justroll and its as good as any made in Greece, (Maybe) from all the usual outlets, Tescos, Sainsbury`s, etc, etc, But John, (her husband) who used to be head chef in a well known local Greek restaurant, reccomended the fresh approach and is coming back to me with the address of a company in north London, who manufacture the stuff fresh each day in commercial proportions, so as soon as I have the details I will let you have them!

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