Monday, January 30, 2006

New forest sojurn, a return.

last weekend we had a great time with good, old friends. The new forest was as beautiful as ever, but I couldn`t live there as my friends do! its too isolated for my taste, Im afraid. We arrived to a riot of Lunch in the form of local cheese ham homemade bread, local vegetables and all the trimmings for a really nice lunch. In the Afternoon, after dragging both women apart, they had so much "catching up to do!" we went for a walk and saw loads of "new forest" Ponies, donkeys and the tracks of Wild Boar which I am told have been released into the area, "wild" Pigs are often seen but Boar are a bit reclusive. We stopped at the local garden centre where we all had enormouse hot chocolates to ready ourselves for the final treck home.

The weather was crisp and ice lay on the ground in places. Arriving back and stood in front of a raging wood fire I could have been "turned" possibly, regarding my feelings about actually living in the forest. We had a lot to chat about both families having two children of similar ages , ours are about 7 years younger than theirs but similar in that they are a senior male and junior daughter configuration. :o)) In the morning , I sat and watched two "European Buzzards" displaying breathtakingly, high above the valley overlooked by my friends house, they were magnificent, grabbing at each others talons and wirling around untill almost on the ground, breaking off just before impact with the ground (30 metres off) like some "Canopy relative entheusiast" in a well trained parachute display team. Countless times they approached each other with the most acrobatic of flight and didn`t connect and when they finally did their swirling decent was really something to be seen, I feel really Privileged to have witnessed their display.

Our friends are now into their seventies and whilst fit are contemplating leaving the forest and moving to Portugal where they already have a place, they say they will keep a flat in the UK and buy a larger property in Portugal. They are keen Golf fans and their house in portugal, as here allows them to play every day, if they really want to (which they often do!) and is actually backing on to a course somewhere on the Algarve. I will miss them when they do move and I know that my wife who`s best friend she is will too, terribly, Ho hum! life goes on.

We had a great time and I feel that we shouldn`t leave it so long next time, spending vast amounts of time on the boat I have neglected our really true old friends! :o(( .

(authors note:- How can it be too isolated for me???? as I will spend weeks alone at sea on my boat, lifes funny isn`t it? perhaps I just prefer my boat)

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