Sunday, February 19, 2006

Thats me!

" At night I die, each morning I am born again" ( not sure who quoted that)

I would like to say that it is actually the sleep of the innocent, but in my case it couldn`t possibly be so. Its great to wake up to a new world and all its discoveries! Each day, for me, brings it challenges, for example today I have to service and rebuild my newly aquired engine bits, an intercooler housing and matrix and an oil cooler, ready for installation on my 250 HP marine engine, Yawn!

Tomorrow I have to meet with my consultant to hear what the outcome of my heart rate monitor experience was. Although I am not expecting much more that a change in the value of "statins" and thats it for the year until I appear before him again!

I will miss the cafe today for lunch and have to endure all those concerned faces tomorrow, who avidly aske me "where were you yesterday, we missed you!" Yea right!

My wife is making a Cassorelet (spelling) today, for a francophile girlfriend of ours who is "over" for lunch" we have been good friends since, we were sailing in Turkey when we met her on her yacht with her then Partner. This was some twenty plus years ago and she has had two partners since we first met, the last one (whom she actually married) really gave her a bad time, until she walked out, bless her she really doesn`t deserve to be treated so badly by life.

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