Friday, March 31, 2006

Whats to do today? April first

Whoa....... thats self answering!!!!!!!!!!! Mebee a Prank? but before 12-00 or 11-00 in the UK because of BST. Now whats to do? I shall be visiting the office and meet up with the world best "close up magician" (paddy) and now of late, computer "sorterouter". I reckon that as Evadne is always giving me grief and terrified of Mice I will make a small cardboard box with a few air holes in it and a large chewed looking hole in the bottom and sit it on the table whilst I wait for my meal. being nosey she will ask what it is and will be (finally) told at about 10-50. As I wouldn`t have touched it for a while I will pick it up discover the hole in the bottom and upon opening the top find a note that says "I have gone home to my mum signed Mr mouse". I guess that she will climb down from the ceiling and ban me yet again from the A1. What do you think? (dont ask questions "M" doesn`t like it :o)) ) I may seem a little cruel to Evadne but she does keep taking the micky out of anything that I do or eat or say, my very being even, so I think its time to wind her up a little. Now wheres the cardboard? te he!

Tonight we are having dinner with some of our oldest friends one pair have just returned yet again from an around the world trip and are the hosts and the other pair are down here from the midlands to visit yet another friend who isn`t very well at the moment so they are staying at the hosts house. Both sets of friends have made their living in sales (and in fact are still doing so even from the other side of the world) our visiting friends have many properties as well, both at home and abroad along with a private airplane which I hired for an emergency meeting in wales a while back.

We first met as members of a spear fishing/diving club in the days when I had already been playing at diving using a re-manufactured "Calor gas" valve with a single stage high pressure valve. I had made it from a drawing in popular mechanics and it was actuated by a diaphram fabricated from an old lorry tyre with an old "English"penny stuck to it, using the new (then) Araldite adhesive. Phew!!!!! that was a long and booring sentence? it was great to be able to free swim at depth (I had no idea how deep I could go but soon found out that with a Siebe Gorman mark one "demand valve as it became known as, I was a lot safer and the penny didn`t drop off causing the valve try to blow me up like the Mitchelen man. Perhaps thats where the origin of "then the penny dropped" Nah it couldn`t be....... could it?

I am looking forward to tonight and as they live about 60 houses down the road from me and it will be good to walk( lazy s*d) to them, unless its raining. We have a lot to cover in our discussions tonight, all having kids, that grew up togeather, sitting on the beaches in the cold whilst their fathers chased such quarry as Rays, conger, cod and anything edible, scollops crab and the odd Lobster thrown in. I remember a couple of occasions from way back, one of being left out at the Edistone light and having to swim back, fortunately I was picked up within less than a mile of the light itself a fellow expedition member asking where I was on the teams journey back to Milbay dock ( Plymouth) and another occasion being engulfed in a squall about a mile off Selsey bill and being almost swept around the Nab Tower as we drifted helplessly up and down the channel finally to land at Pagham harbour some 8 hours later unable to walk as I was so frozen! Happy daze eh? Where waz I? Oh yes! I am really looking forward to the meal and will let you know how it went tomorrow! ( excert taken from an Old mans dwindling mind)

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