Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Isn`t it amazing, this blogger lark?

Ive posted about four posts and not one has got to my blog, this is by way of an experiment just to see if it too, doesn`t get there .
I went a shopping yesterday into Kingstom upon Thames and found a shop called Primart where I purchased (for use as overalls on the boat) four pairs of combat trousers. two blue and two a sort of brab olive, for £32, cheap or what I pay more for washed rags! Or have I just done so?. There are so many pockets that I won`t have any trouble getting caught up on my engines, when I eventually squeeze down into the engine "room", this happened to me on another boat and I lay upside down for over an hour until I finally managed to get out. It was quite a nice day, with only a few clouds and the sun was warm. I heard a beautiful singing voice coming from a busker and so wandered to see who it was (why? I really haven`t a clue! I guess that as it was so good, I just wanted to see who the owner was and maybe contribute, no not sing along!) when eventually I got there the owner was an old gentleman of about seventy (certainly ten years older than me) or perhaps he had just suffered a hard life and was ten years younger? he was quite scruffy, and really could have done with some smart new Cargo pants like me :o)). He was very organised though with invertor, "karioki" ( spelling) machine, speakers and batteries, all mounted on a trolley that he could push about. I listened to his selection from the musicals ( his rendition of the Mario Lanza "Be my love" saw him hitting all the high notes and sounding like the man him self, he was really worth the quid I dropped into his pot, (Yea! yea! I know "cheapskate", I didn`t have any more change! alright?!) . I stood in wonderment for about twenty minutes, listening and thinking about how he was once a star of the stage and that the possibility of all that grease paint had ruined his skin (he was, indeed, very lined) or perhaps he was down to his last penny and had to do this to raise food money instead of going on the dole ( pride ) etc, strange how ones mind runs riot when its inactive ( and lets face it mine has been like that for the winter, thank "Your" God for Blogger) I wandered on to starbucks where I purchased a Venti Latti and sat reading the paper for a further half an hour until my wife came and collected me. I`m really getting fed up with her when she arrives late, and says in a loud voice so everyone can hear (Starbucks was heaving), " there you are? thank goodness I found you, where have you been? Ok Mr "my name"! lets get you back to the asylum". although its quite amusing to watch the reaction of the shoppers as I shuffle out of the shop along beside her, possibly tempting fate I guess! sad or what?

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