Friday, March 31, 2006

Different clubhouse

Well tonight we used a different club house for out boat club meet(Our, Weybridge mariners, original one, having burnt down some three weeks ago) the "Walton Jester" was seconded into use as a temporary venue for friday from now on until the club is rebuilt. The walton Jester (lives up to its name with diet coke from 2 litre plastic bottles at £3.00 per pint) is a pleasure boat by day and discos and sight seeing trips are its Forte. I arrived at 20-00 and left at 21-00 the smoky atmosphere was making even the smokers uncomfortable (I am a smoker but I haven`t done it for 20 years so I do believe in live and let live), but tonight was just too bad. It does however make a difference to see some sixty or so people in attendance when there would normally be only maybe 10, pity the club bar wasnt picking up the profit , still never mind I`m not really a grouch, Oh! go on then, maybe I am. At the "Office" today I met a guy that I used to employ to install large rides for me, I havent seen him for at least 10 years . he is Eton and Oxford and his family used to own a very large estate in the midlands until they lost it. He`s a really nice guy and through the last thirty years of his life his main business has been to dredge out lakes "ecologically" with the least damage to the surrounding area. This he does with two Fowler Ploughing engines, ( Traction Engines). Well we jawed a bit and he went back to his car to "get someting" and presented me with a DVD of his business conquests. it does feel strange watching Traction engines dredging lakes on a DVD it just doesnt seem right and such a distance between the technologies, but I guess its the way to go. While I was there I met my old mate Paddy and ex entertainer and another friend Tom the guy currently in the "Ringo" pilot advert, gosh! I mix with the ritch and famous dont I.

I was told by a very good friend that she thought that " we are all in control of our own destiny" well if that is the case? I must try harder, I am really getting P*ssed of with life as I know it, I am missing my boat, which is my own fault as I haven`t got round to finishing the engine and anyway the weather has been cold, so not entirely my fault. When its finished I want to sell it and go back to sail and I have had some opposition from "Swimbo" I need some sun and really feel like dissapearing for a couple of weeks on "walkabout"which I may verywell do,pistorf pistorf! I guess that if I tell myself how lucky I am enough times I will get over it. I guess the next June delivery job in Greece will make me feel a bit better if it happens, the trouble these days is that you get a mail asking you to keep such and such a date free and as the date gets nearer you are finally told that they have changed their mind or sold the boat locally so one can never be certain, the non returnable deposit is never really enough to warrant the hastle, Ho hum!

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