Friday, March 24, 2006

Think I`ve just missed summer

Well today I am going to watch the Games, I have just finished my Beetroot smoothy, eugh!!!! thanks "Livvie" I don`t reccomend it to anybody. I thought I would have a fasting ish day today started with the beetroot thingy but I guess that the Cafe calls as usual at around 12. 00.

Swimbo has gone to Champneys for a day, so I thought that I should also make an effort. Last night I took Swimbo to my daughters so she would be ready for the "off" today I don`t envy her staying there and having to sleep under my daughters duvet in the guest room which is like weetabix and weighs a ton. I got home about 22-30 and woke this morning at 09- 30 something that I never do when my wife is home. I have about three missed messages from my wife and daughter who can`t understand why I have slept in! I can I have the house to myself and love it! not too sure about the cleaning and domestic stuff but then I won`t have to do any as she is back tonight and we are babysitting for My son and his wife. I am getting worried with all this homey stuff as the boating season is nearly upon us and I need the six months plus to wind down after the inactivity of winter :o))

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