Monday, March 20, 2006

Has it really been 41 years?

I cant believe that yesterday, I have been hapily married for 41 years. I think my wife has been as happy as I have ? but I daren`t ask her in case I am told "actually no I havent been" Oh well! I won`t ask then!
When we married a friend suggested that we spent out honeymoon at Butlins in Cliftonville so we did. I guess that our jaunt to the IOW was, in a way, to reinact the same drab, booring, grubby stay we had then but we were pleasantly surprised. The weather was (as always) crap and cold but the brisk walks and fraternising were the real highlight. Breakfast was like something out of the muppets, (I don`t see us as old) and we were surrounded by many old people and many young too so the mix was OK I felt sorry for an obviously newly married young couple who walked into breakfast on the first day to be greeted (at that time) mostly by "old folks" hand in hand they skurried into a far away corner and weren`t seen again for the rest of the weekend! Ah memories!
I have never really explored the Island and was surprised that I quite enjoyed it, to some degree, even to the extent of looking at a building plot with a mooring at the end of the garden, but It had a few problems, close to a road and with boat access over the mooring from a Marina style encampment to one side! so I won`t go ahead although it was the right price. Shall I go back? maybe to visit my friend but as anything more than a boating stopover on the way back home from Falmouth to Brighton, Maybe not!!

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