Saturday, March 25, 2006

Sitting boored.........

In Starbucks the other day having read my paper, I picked up my hot chocolate and looking at the family across the tables ( as one often does at the point of contact with ones cofee etc?) I noticed that the kids were watching me intently and giggling to each other, they were about eight and ten and their parents had their backs to me. I realised that they wanted to see what happened to me when I tried to drink the chocolate from under the enormous lump of cream that the proprietor had fitted to the top (yummy) Soooo.... ignoring them I continued and carefully drank my first mouthfull, planting the cream squarley on my nose and then putting the glass down on the table. The kids fell about and laughed and laughed until the parents (with a rather grumpy air about them) turned around to see what the item of amusement was. when they saw me (by now wiping the cream off my nose) they gathered the kids up and left muttering something about old pervert!! I was mortified really mortified, all I had done was make a couple of kids laugh! I really didn`t know what to do or think, Yes I know that in this world there are such people and I know that parents have to be careful, but not to give me the benefit of the doubt and even mentioning what they actually thought, out loud to the kids. I was quite ashamed! I won`t do that again! when my wife finally arrived she asked me what was the matter as It was obyious to her that I was a bit "different" I said "nothing" and we left I knew that if I had told her, she would berated me for not "knowing better" and "Ive told you before about speaking to children and how parents don`t like it" Which really helped me, a lot! not! What a shame that we may have come to this in life! or am I just just being silly?

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