Sunday, April 02, 2006

Its Billy nomates Sunday to day

Im off to lunch with the future in-laws today in a minute Phew! Im not relishing this. I have been lectured on how I am going to have to behave myself and I feel as though I am going to get a lick and spit of the hand to sort out my quiff (Which dissapeared long before I was adult age) I feel like a kid being taken to meet an old aunt that I have never seen. 62 and feeling like a kid I spose I should be grateful ?
The mouse thing went well ( as I expected with Evadne asking what it was and trying to pick it up and shake it, where uopon she was told to leave it alone as it was for paddys daughters school nature project and that it was a live mouse) I then picked the box up and discovered the hole underneath and exclaimed thet the animal had eaten its way out and that we should look for it around the edges of the cafe floor! with the now panic stricken (but trying to be Josephene cool!!! )Evadne finally looking behind the slot machine only to find a computer mouse. The lunchtime denegrated into a roll throwing (some 30 rolls thrown at us) and banning of Paddy and I for our joke. I asked if I could have my box back for another mouse and Evadne tore it up in discust :o(( John was in histerics back in the kitchen, he saw the humour as did the rest of the family now down from their chairs. Te he I think I will try and gain acces on Monday but Im not holding out much luck! this time I will have a live mouse with me, or perhaps I shouldnt eh?

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