Friday, July 22, 2005

Where I am

Today I took delivery of my designated GPS thingy that connects to my laptop via a USB port. This takes the place of my Sextant and operates the position fixing aspect of my World plotting programme. It shows me where I am at any time on my electronic charts, to within a three metre radius anywhere in the world. Handy eh!

I ordered it yesterday and it was deliverd this morning thats service for you? When I think that my Sextant cost over five hundred pounds when I purchased it, and took quite some time to master. This thingy cost less than Thirty pounds and with little or no effort gives me an almost immediate fix. The joys of modern technology! (until my first lightening strike that is)

I am currently sitting in the conservatory installing the software for the GPS with three foxes (two cubs and the mother) sitting looking through the patio doors so I must go and feed them. I am cutting back a little every day on their portions of food so they will be encouraged to search elsewhere for their food, it seems to be working as now and again I see them chasing pidgeons and Magpies across the lawn and occasionally I find to odd patch of feathers from a successfull surprise attack)

I haven`t gone down to the boat this weekend and really miss it, I don`t like sleeping on land and don`t sleep well when I do. I will miss the gentle rocking of the boat and the whisper of the breeze and occasional unfamiliar noises associated with life on a boat. Not too unfamiliar though I must say as I am soon awake and out of my bunk to investigate. Im still suffering from my late life chrisis :o((((( Get your thumb out of your A**e and get on with life Rob. Just because you can`t post on other peoples Blogs anymore!!!!!

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